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Closing In Photo by Gen Montreuil I D-31992   (Mar 2021) Featured Photos Closing In

Photo by Gen Montreuil I D-31992

(From front) Wendi Corbin, Ashley Jordon, Hailee Tashnick and Rob Johnson execute a train exit during Sisters in Skydiving’s Golden Girls Boogie at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

The Art of Skydiving A Parachutist Pictorial   (Aug 2020) Features
Featured Training Photo Photo by Gen Montreuil | D-31992   (May 2020) Safety & Training Featured Photos Safety & Training Featured Photo

At Skydive Arizona in Eloy, veteran canopy formation skydivers Kevin Vetter (top) and Pat Marcanio (center) teach Julia Wilde the finer points of taking docks as she learns the discipline.

Super SIS A Parachutist Photo Essay   (Mar 2020) Features

Amy Benton and Chazi Blacksher of The Working Girls event organizing team, along with a team of heroic volunteers, created the wonderful superhero-themed Super SIS Weekend at Skydive Arizona in Eloy January 24-26.

Featured DZ Photo by Gen Montreuil | D-31992   (May 2019) Featured Photos Featured DZ

From left, Vicky Benzing, Matt Beaubien and Terry Burch make a balloon jump at Skydive Arizona.

May 2018 by Gen Montreuil   (May 2018) Featured Photos Featured Event

Jumpers fly a hybrid during the SIS of ArOZona Sisters in Skydiving event at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

Photo by Gen Montreuil  |  D-31992

Ask a Rigger | How Do I Know If My Rig is “Freefly Friendly”?   (Nov 2021) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger
Follow the USPA Nationals October 15-31!   (Nov 2021) Competition Homepage USPA
Tales from the Bonfire | A Scar I Can’t Show Anyone   (Oct 2021) People Tales from the Bonfire
Safety Check | Should You Disconnect Your RSL or MARD?   (Sep 2021) Safety & Training Safety Check
DZ Unknown   (Sep 2021) Features Safety & Training
Women Set National Head-Up Record   (Aug 2021) Competition Records
Using Your Fear By Ally Milne   (Aug 2021) Features
U.S. Parachute Team Going for Gold in Russia   (Aug 2021) Event News Competition Homepage USPA

USPA has sent more than 60 of the most accomplished U.S. skydivers to Siberia to compete in the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Parachuting Championships-Mondial. The action starts August 10, and the competition runs through August 20.  To follow along behind-the-scenes, follow our Instagram page where we are posting daily stories from the event:

Larger Than Life—The 2021 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Inductees By Doug Garr   (Aug 2021) People

Each year the International Skydiving Museum inducts a select few men and women who have “defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels” into its Hall of Fame.

Sonya Higley | D-29840 By Brian Giboney   (Aug 2021) People Profiles
Foundations of Flight | Ram-Air Parachute Anatomy—Cells   (Aug 2021) Safety & Training Foundations of Flight
Rating Corner | Running the Radio By Jim Crouch   (Jul 2021) Safety & Training The Rating Corner
The Future of Wingsuits By Matt Gerdes of Squirrel and Next Level Flight   (Jul 2021) Features

Since the development of the sport in the last decade is largely the stuff of YouTube videos, let’s talk about what’s next. Where’s wingsuiting going in the future?

USPA General Membership Meeting to Occur August 27   (Jul 2021) Event News Homepage USPA