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Safety Check | Clearing Your SPACE Before Exit By Jen Sharp   (Jul 2021) Safety & Training Safety Check

We’ve all done it. You’re staring out the plane door, ready to exit after the group in front of you, and you know you’re supposed to look for certain things. But you’re excited, and your mind goes blank.

Breaking Barriers—A Look at Women in the Sport on the 10th Anniversary of SIS By Director of Sport Promotion Shanon Searls   (Jun 2021) People Features

In 2021, the USPA Sisters in Skydiving program celebrates its 10th anniversary!

W.O.R.K. in Cincinnati—the Winter 2021 USPA Board of Directors Meeting A USPA Staff Report   (Apr 2021) Event News

The USPA Board of Directors held its fifth meeting of the 2019-2021 term in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 29-31.

Ask a Rigger | If I Lose or Damage My Cutaway Cables, Can I Replace Them with a Set That is Similar? By Jen Sharp   (May 2020) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger

Cutaway cables are not universally interchangeable.

Safety Check | Look It Up   (May 2020) Safety & Training Safety Check

A highly respected rigger was visiting a drop zone and noticed a rig laid out on the packing floor after a jump.

Ask a Rigger | Why Should I Learn More About My Gear? By Jen Sharp   (Dec 2019) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger

You pull one handle and, magically, there is an open parachute over your head. And if that doesn’t work, you just cut away, pull the reserve handle and later buy your rigger their bottle of choice. Voilà! Seems simple enough.

Rating Corner | PRO-Rating Changes By Ron Bell   (Oct 2019) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

At its summer board meeting in Arlington, Virginia, the USPA Board approved significant changes to Skydiver’s Information Manual Section 7-2—Professional Exhibition Rating.

The Summer 2019 USPA Board of Directors Meeting A USPA Staff Report   (Sep 2019) Features

The USPA Board of Directors held its second meeting of the 2019-2021 term in Arlington, Virginia, July 12-14.

2019 Summer BOD Meeting—Safety and Training Committee Issues Discussed   (Aug 2019) Homepage Industry News

At the USPA Board of Directors’ summer meeting July 12-14 in Arlington, Virginia, the Safety & Training Committee discussed several issues.

Keep an Eye Out | Entanglement   (Aug 2019) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out

Jumping with a video camera has many challenges, many of which are not obvious to those who decide to start jumping with one. The danger of an entanglement between the camera and parachute equipment is just one in a long list of hazards to consider.

Rating Corner | Clarifying Goals for Early AFF Jumps By Jen Sharp   (Jul 2019) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

As an AFF instructor, it’s important to present clear, measurable, succinct and, of course, correct goals for your students, particularly during this initial phase. Do you know what those goals are?

Rating Corner | What is Designated AFF Evaluator? A True-or-False Quiz   (May 2019) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

There are plenty of misconceptions about designated evaluators, those jumpers who assist AFF instructor examiners by performing currency and course evaluation jumps. Quiz yourself to see how your understanding stacks up to reality.

Star Awards Culminate at PIA By USPA Director of Information Technology Jen Sharp   (Apr 2019) Features

In an effort to encourage technological innovation that advances skydiving, USPA and Sigma, a global platform for verified identity, co-hosted the Skydiving Technology Advancement Roundup (STAR) competition. Following a six-month online submission period, nine finalists exhibited their innovations during the Parachute Industry Association Symposium in Dallas, Texas, February 4-7. From those nine, three winners walked away with cash, while all the finalists, as well as the audience, walked away with the excitement that comes from seeing dreams put into action. But it’s the average skydiver who is the ultimate winner.

Rating Corner | Who Does What? By Jen Sharp   (Mar 2019) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

How do the best competitors in our sport reach success? Teamwork: individuals combining efforts to achieve a common purpose. Teamwork works best when each member understands their part in the whole. So, in the case of skydiving instruction, who does what?

Rating Corner | Improving Your Speech Habits by Jen Sharp   (Dec 2018) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

One of the simplest ways to become a stronger instructor and a better leader is to change ineffective speech patterns. Three common habits can cause a noticeable lack of clarity. Once coaches and instructors correct these habits, they instantly add power and confidence to their lessons.

We Are The 13% - WSLN Leads The Charge For Women by Annette O'Neil   (Sep 2018) Homepage Features

Instructor, coach and champion Christy Frikken hardly needs an introduction. If you’ve been in the sport over the past 16 years—or watched formation skydiving podiums since 2007—you’ve certainly seen her. Unfortunately, dozens of major wins and one of the most highly respected names in 4-way coaching apparently only gets you so far.

Seatbelt Usage   (Dec 2017) Safety Check

Has this happened to you?
You’re hot loading a full turbine aircraft, and you’re one of the last on. You scrunch onto that last seat on the straddle bench and scramble to find your seatbelt just as the door shuts, only to discover that someone at the front of the plane skipped a belt. What do you do?

Rating Corner | Rules, Reasoning, Liability & Ethics By Jen Sharp   (Oct 2014) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

Does an instructional rating holder have more liability than those not coaching or instructing? Inherently, yes. You take on more responsibility—hence more liability—by assuming a role that cares for students. However, there are clear limits to that liability and simple ways to reduce the likelihood that you will be held legally accountable in any situation. How do you reduce your risk? By applying your ethics.

Larger Than Life—The 2021 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Inductees By Doug Garr   (Aug 2021) People

Each year the International Skydiving Museum inducts a select few men and women who have “defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels” into its Hall of Fame.

Currency! Currency! Currency!—The 2020 Non-Fatal-Incident Summary By USPA Director of Safety and Training Ron Bell   (May 2021) Safety & Training

Unquestionably, 2020 presented a unique set of challenges to overcome.

Centerspread   (Apr 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread
Epic Journey 2—Jumping for Fentanyl Awareness By Communications Associate Luke Jones   (Apr 2021) People Features

Epic Journey, the California-based life-coaching company, took to the skies above Lake Elsinore on February 13 for its fifth skydiving event since launching in August 2020.

Back-Tracking A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Mar 2021) Features
2021 USPA Safety Day A Parachutist Special Edition   (Feb 2021) Features Safety & Training

In 1997, Patty Chernis, newly elected to the USPA Board as a regional director, suggested that USPA create a special day to get jumpers current and prepared for the upcoming skydiving season. Now in its 25th year, Safety Day has grown increasingly popular, morphing from year to year to address current trends.

Safety Check | Ron Bell’s Letter to Santa By Ron Bell   (Dec 2020) Safety & Training Safety Check

This year, my wish list is all about the basics that make skydiving safer.

Spaceland Hosts Sixth Annual 3-Way Formation Skydiving Competition By Christy West   (Sep 2020) Competition Five Minute Call

Coronavirus slowed but did not stop the Skydive Spaceland 3-Way Formation Skydiving Competition!

Rating Corner | Judging: The Other Ratings Track Jim Rees | D-13359   (Sep 2020) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

For jumpers, earning a judge rating can be another means of progress and personal development within the sport.

Responding to the Pandemic—Skydivers Step Up By Doug Garr   (Jul 2020) Features

On a beautiful, cloudless Saturday afternoon last April, Team Fastrax, a professional exhibition team based at Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio, boarded their Caravan to make a demo like no other before.

Looking Forward to the Past A Parachutist Pictorial   (Jun 2020) Parachutist Features

We asked 16 camera flyers—those who have consistently contributed dazzling images to this magazine over the years—to send us one photo that speaks to what skydiving means to them and that would inspire our readers upon their return to the sport they love.

Jake Jensen | D-30450 By Brian Giboney   (Mar 2020) People Profiles

Jake Jensen, D-30450, is a two-time Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Champion and five-time USPA National Champion in vertical formation skydiving with team SDC Core.

2020 Vision for Safety By Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld   (Mar 2020) Features

Over the last two years, the skydiving fatality rate in the U.S. has reached record low levels. Overall, skydivers across the globe are also doing a better job with safety. (Thank you all for that.) But when even one of us is lost or injured in a skydiving accident, it is one too many.

Mentor Extraordinaire: USPA Awards Thomas Jenkins, D-7707, the Gold Medal for Meritorious Service By Christy West and Scott Latinis   (Jan 2020) Features

Tom Jenkins always saw the value of structured competition and record performances in driving skydivers to become more skilled while also having fun.