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May 1987 Cover   (May 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Cover photo by Lynn Scheer.

Promoting a Strong Safety Culture | USPA Safety Day—March 12, 2022 A Parachutist Special Section   (Jan 2022) Top News Recent News
2021 USPA Safety Day A Parachutist Special Edition   (Feb 2021) Features Safety & Training

In 1997, Patty Chernis, newly elected to the USPA Board as a regional director, suggested that USPA create a special day to get jumpers current and prepared for the upcoming skydiving season. Now in its 25th year, Safety Day has grown increasingly popular, morphing from year to year to address current trends.

Normalizing Excellence: Planning for Safety Day 2020 A Parachutist Special Section   (Jan 2020) Features

Each year, Safety Day is the second Saturday in March (this year, that’s March 14). It marks the beginning of a new season, and even in poor weather, jumpers flock to this event, their minds filled with fresh ideas and expectations of the warm summer days ahead.

Stepping It Up–03.09.2019 A Parachutist Special Section   (Feb 2019) Parachutist Homepage Features

Safety Day—traditionally held on the second Saturday in March—represents the beginning of a new season of skydiving. Whether you're from a northern drop zone that shuts down for the winter or you’re a fair-weather jumper from the south, you’ll soon catch yourself staring out the window listening to the birds sing, watching the trees bud and daydreaming of the jumping days ahead. If you’re like many jumpers across the country, you’ll start pulling out gear that has sat unused for months. Now is the time to check your data cards, dust off the electronics and charge the batteries. The 2019 season will soon be here.

Chazi Blacksher | D-28539 By Brian Giboney   (Jul 2018) People Profiles

Chazi Blacksher, D-28539, is a busy load organizer and competitor who is heavily involved in the Sisters in Skydiving program, women’s world record jumps and freestyle competition. Blacksher moved to Arizona years ago but stays close to her roots at the Lincoln Sport Parachute Club in Weeping Water, Nebraska, where she load organizes at the DZ’s Redemption Boogie every year.

One More Jumper: The SoS World Record Week by Carol Jones and Doug Garr   (Jul 2018) Features

The record series kicked off on April 20. First up was the three-day JOS world record event. Thirty-two skydivers in their 70s from Canada, Germany, Sweden and the U.S. participated.

June 1986 Cover   (Jun 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Bob Feisthamel submitted this Ken Jorgensen photo of Feisthamel's Tension Free teammates Bob Suchor, Lynn Kleen and Daryl Dassinger over Spearfish, SD.  Tension Free took home a box of medals from last year's National Skydiving Championships of CRW, including gold medals in 4-way sequential and 8-way speed stack and silver medals in 4-way rotation.

August 1984 Cover   (Aug 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Jerry Goodsell, D-7631, used the dramatic scenery outside of Logan, UT, for a backdrop for this month's cover.  Goodsell's brother Lynn, Dave Rigby and Kelly Campbell are the happy models.  "We don't have a lot of big planes around here so they're not million-mans or anything but we do have some good scenery," says Goodsell, who started jumping when he was 16.