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Alice Hicks |D-23554 By Brian Giboney   (Oct 2021) People Profiles
Larger Than Life—The 2021 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Inductees By Doug Garr   (Aug 2021) People

Each year the International Skydiving Museum inducts a select few men and women who have “defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels” into its Hall of Fame.

A Short Look at a Long History—The USPA National Championships A USPA Staff Report   (Jul 2021) Competition

In the beginning, there was accuracy or, as it was called at the time, “spot jumping.”

Braked Parachute Flight—A Life-Saving Skill for Every Skydiver By Jim Crouch   (Jun 2021) Features

For many years, most jumpers regarded the parachute as a necessary evil. It was simply the device that stopped the freefall, allowing the jumper to survive the skydive in order to make another freefall.

Return to the Center of the World—The 2021 Pioneers of Sport Parachuting Reunion   (May 2021) People

During the weekend of March 4-7, many of the earliest pioneers of sport parachuting converged in Felicity, California, for yet another grand reunion.

Closing In Photo by Mike McGowan I D-5709   (Feb 2021) Featured Photos Closing In

Kirk Verner (front) and Niklas Hemlin of 8-way team Airspeed XP8 land in succession after a training jump at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

A New Decade—The International Skydiving Hall of Fame’s 11th Class of Inductees By Doug Garr   (Jul 2020) Features

Each year, the International Skydiving Museum inducts a select few men and women who have “defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels” into its Hall of Fame. This year marks the organization’s 11th class of honorees.

Looking Forward to the Past A Parachutist Pictorial   (Jun 2020) Parachutist Features

We asked 16 camera flyers—those who have consistently contributed dazzling images to this magazine over the years—to send us one photo that speaks to what skydiving means to them and that would inspire our readers upon their return to the sport they love.

Pressing Forward Photo by Mike McGowan | D-5709   (Mar 2020) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Tyler Buffington swoops in for landing at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

A Record Crowd—Skydive Perris Hosts the 2019 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration By Doug Garr   (Dec 2019) Features

In October, the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame held its 10th annual Hall of Fame Celebration at Skydive Perris in California.

How Skydiving Changed My Life By Rex Rossbach   (Jul 2019) People How Skydiving Changed My Life

After college I wound up in an unhealthy relationship. I was depressed and needed to do something about it. One of my coworkers, Ray, had recently started skydiving and was always encouraging people to come to the Ranch in Gardiner, New York, to try it. I was pretty desperate, so I figured, “What the hell?”

Travis Mills | D-27249 By Brian Giboney   (Jan 2019) People Profiles

Travis Mills, D-27249, is a world-class canopy pilot who flies competitively for the PD Factory Team and is a canopy coach for Flight-1. He is also talented in freefall and has been on numerous world-record-setting big-way jumps and medaled in freestyle and vertical formation skydiving at the world championships. The most recent of his many accomplishments are winning the first meet and taking silver overall at the two-meet 2018 Swoop Freestyle World Championships and taking bronze overall at the 2018 USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals.

March 2012 Photo By Mike McGowan | D-5709   (Mar 2012) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Mike McGowan | D-5709

Ben Barringer, cadet wing commander at the U.S. Air Force Academy, bears down on the tuffet during the open classic accuracy event at the USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships

January 2009 Cover   (Jan 2009) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan captured this photograph of Arizona Airspeed concentrating on winning gold in the 4-way open competition at the USPA Nationals.

July 1992 Cover   (Jul 1992) Featured Photos Covers

Guy Wright, D-7958, exits from the tailgate of a DeHavilland Caribou over the United Parachtute Club in Gilbertsvill, PA.  Photograph by Mike McGowan.

March 1992 Cover   (Mar 1992) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, gets his second cover in 1992 (see feature on page 25).  This time, he captures Team Pursuit practicing over Skydive Arizona.  Members include (top) Kevin Vetter, (right wing) Chris Knight, (left wing) captain Joe Lambright, and (bottom) newest member Paul Joseph.  McGowan flew into the top of the formation, flipped upside down in his risers and released to position himself for this shot.

January 1992 Cover   (Jan 1992) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, captures Pam Godwin's smiling Fly-by over the Paragators DZ in Umatilla, FL, during the annual POPS winter meet.  Pam's parents, Jimmy and Wilma Godwin, run the meet.

July 1990 Cover   (Jul 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, flies in behind a giant U.S. flag carried by his wife, Misty Blues team member Nancy Auge, during the teams's training camp last spring at Flager Aviation in Bunnell, FL.  (See related story on page 24.)  McGowan became entangled with a similar flag while trying to get this shot last winter and had to resort to reserve procedures to get clear.

February 1989 Cover   (Feb 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan captures the graceful and daring Sandra Williams suspended on a trapeze below her teammate Marsha Buckentin.  The two Floridians perform with the Misty Blues skydiving exhibition team nationwide.  According to Buckentin, how to perform the trapeze trick is a "team secret."

July 1988 Cover   (Jul 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, submitted this point of view of Brigitte Hallett, D-9375, (foreground), and Mike Raible, D-5495, exiting the Freefall Express Twin Otter in formation with DC-3 Mr. Douglas and the Pilatus Porter Turbo Mingo over Skydive DeLand, FL.  (See story on page 22.)

Back-Tracking—A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Dec 2021) People Features
Brandon Mikesell | D-36904 By Brian Giboney   (Dec 2021) People Profiles
Results of 2022-2024 Board Elections Are In   (Nov 2021) Event News Homepage USPA
The Summer 2021 USPA Board of Directors Meeting   (Sep 2021) Event News Homepage USPA
Back-Tracking —A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Sep 2021) People Featured Photos
Skydiving Safety—Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going By Director of Safety and Training Ron Bell   (Jul 2021) Safety & Training

Safety has always been a priority for the United States Parachute Association and its predecessor organizations, National Parachute Jumpers-Riggers Inc. (1946-1957) and the Parachute Club of America (1957-1967).

Riding Across Virginia for the U.S. Parachute Team By USPA Executive Director Albert Berchtold   (Jun 2021) People

I was about to ride 533 miles across Virginia—west along the Potomac River, then through the mountains to the famous red caboose in Damascus in the southwest corner of the state. It would be a multi-day ride with 33,000 feet of climbing. My stomach had butterflies.

Centerspread   (Jun 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread
Back-Tracking A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Mar 2021) Features
Stewart McArthur | D-24588 By Brian Giboney   (Feb 2021) People Profiles

Stewart McArthur, D-24588, is a British skydiver who now lives in the U.S. Since his first jump on Halloween Day in 1989, he has racked up a wide variety of skydiving and aviation accomplishments.

Tales from the Bonfire | Flying Backwards, PLF, Explosion By Sandy Harper-Calliham   (Dec 2020) People Tales from the Bonfire
Ascension—Magician David Blaine Inspires with Dreamlike Skydiving Stunt By Communications Associate Luke Jones   (Oct 2020) Features

On the morning of September 2, 9-year-old Dessa Blaine looked up above the small town of Page, Arizona, and saw her father, David, become a tiny dot in the sky.