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Forever the Queen Photo by Norris Gearhart | D-24594   (Dec 2019) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

During the Carol Clay Birthday Boogie at Virginia Skydiving Center in Petersburg, jumpers celebrate the life of the jumper known to all as "the Queen" by making her honorary 20,000th skydive.

Insurance Claims Underscore the Costs of Complacency   (Oct 2020) Parachutist Safety & Training

I've insured skydiving airplanes for 25 years. In that time, I've paid for about 50 heavily damaged or totaled turbine skydiving aircraft. That's a lot of bent iron … unnecessarily bent iron. If you wonder why your insurance costs are so high, let me say it again: 50 heavily damaged or destroyed airplanes! There seems to be an insidious common thread in 85 percent of these accidents, and that’s the lack of following a checklist.

Ryan Risberg | D-22873 by Brian Giboney   (Jul 2017) Profiles

Ryan Risberg, D-22873, is a vertical formation skydiving competitor and freefly organizer. He was a member of SDC Core, which won the gold in vertical formation skydiving at the 2015 USPA Nationals, and was also a member of the team that set the 164-way Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Record for Largest Head-Down Formation Skydive. Risberg, who is known for jumping in flip-flops, now travels the world sharing his knowledge and love of the sport and all facets of freeflying.