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Celebrating Our Female History Makers By Penny Rafferty Hamilton, Ph.D.   (Feb 2021) People Features
Five Reasons You Should Attend Nationals A USPA Staff Report   (Aug 2020) Features

The camaraderie, the spirit of competition and the drama keep jumpers returning to Nationals year after year, but it’s also more than that. The reasons people attend Nationals are as varied as the disciplines showcased at the event.

The Big Green Sky—Two Carbon-Offset Initiatives Offer Skydivers a Greener Way to Go By Annette O’Neil   (Dec 2019) Features

First things first: There’s a lot of debate surrounding this topic. Global climate change remains a charged topic, season after season … especially since those seasons seem to be, well, changing.

August 2019 Cover   (Aug 2019) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Gustavo Cabana | USPA #80952

Will Penny (bottom) leads a jump during the Euro Fly4Life Camp at USPA Foreign Affiliate Skydive Algarve in Portimão, Portugal.

How Skydiving Changed My Life By John Hamilton   (Apr 2019) People How Skydiving Changed My Life

I was sitting in my easy chair after work watching the local news when I saw an alert on the screen reporting a small plane crash at a local airport. My two business partners, who were brothers, had planned to pilot a small plane to pick up a customer that afternoon, so I was immediately concerned. Later that night, I learned that it was their plane that crashed and that they both had been killed.

November 1968 Editorial By J. Scott Hamilton   (Nov 2018) Letters

You have just passed through 2,000 feet en route to the deck at terminal velocity.  You are wearing a piggyback system and have a total malfunction of the main parachute.  What would you do?

Getting Started in Freefall Photography By David R. Kreiser   (Aug 2018) Homepage Features
Let's All Leap for Lupus by Annette O'Neil   (Jul 2018) Features

Valinda Mitchell and her husband, John, are vacationing in France. These lovebirds travel a lot … a month in Ireland here, a long stint jetting around Australia there. When your childhood sweetheart and the mother of your four children says her final goodbyes to the family from a hospital bed and manages to claw her way back, such forays are understandable and maybe even necessary. Wandering hand in hand around Paris is the only way to respond, n’est-ce pas?

Zoo Dive! a Parachutist Pictorial by Heather Weter   (Apr 2018) Features

It started when Weter, who enjoys painting animals, visualized a zebra losing its stripes in freefall.

Dream Realization 101 - Jump 4 Joy Gives Kids Tools to Be Their Most Authentic Selves—and You Can Help by Annette O'Neil   (Mar 2018) Homepage Features

Jump 4 Joy’s program is called “Dream, Plan, Do.” The foundational idea behind Jump 4 Joy is that kids are really easy to inspire. They’re inspired by athletes, celebrities, actors and movies, but since they don’t necessarily know what to do with that information, it’s very quickly lost. Amonson built his program to help give them the tools to keep it going.

April 1969 Cover   (Apr 1969) Covers

Leslie L. Irvin goes over the side of a DeHavilland bomber for the first successful free fall parachute jump in this drawing by J. Scott Hamilton.  (See story of page 7.)