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If You Build It—The 2021 4-Way Formation Skydiving Beginner Class Test Event By USPA Director of Competition and Records Steve Hubbard   (Jun 2021) Competition

For the first time, USPA is hosting a beginner 4-way formation skydiving competition at Nationals.

Two Times the Fun—2019 USPA National Championships By Southeast Regional Director Alixandra Hubbard   (Nov 2019) Features

The 2019 USPA Parachuting and Skydiving Nationals determined which teams and individuals will represent the U.S. in every discipline at the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Parachuting Championships Mondial (all-events competition) in Tanay, Siberia, in 2020.

Indoor Skydiving Organization Emerges By Randy Connell   (Feb 2019) People Five Minute Call

In 2017, when USPA made it clear that indoor skydiving was outside its mandate, it created a vacuum in the world of air sports. The International Bodyflight Association assumed some of the responsibilities for the sport on a temporary basis but didn’t want to assume the mantle in the long run. From this vacuum, U.S. Indoor Skydiving emerged as the new National Aeronautic Association-designated Air Sport Organization that will support the sport in the U.S.

NAA Selects Skydiving World Record as “Most Memorable”   (Jul 2018) Parachutist Competition Records Industry News Competition News

Each year, the National Aeronautic Association selects what it considers aviation's most memorable records from the previous year and honors those records at an event near Washington, D.C. 

Hubbard Named Director Of Competition And Records By USPA Staff   (Jun 2018) Homepage Five Minute Call

In May, USPA promoted Steve Hubbard to director of the competition and records department, which is responsible for the USPA National Championships, the U.S. Parachute Team, competitive events and skydiving records.

Diamond Anniversary: The 60th Annual USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships by Alix Raymond Hubbard   (Mar 2018) Homepage Features

For many college students, the winter holiday break was a time to spend with family and to eat, drink and be merry, but for 82 competitors from 11 colleges, it was also a time to compete. Whether the students had 25 jumps or were seasoned competitors, there was a place for them at this event.

USPA involvement with Wind Tunnel Industry   (Oct 2017) People Gearing Up

At its July meeting, USPA’s board of directors approved a resolution that, eff ective November 1, USPA “will not use association resources to support the sport of ‘indoor skydiving,’ except to nominate international judges to such IPC [International Parachuting Commission] events as appropriate. USPA will seek to encourage, foster and cooperate with any emerging national governing body for tunnel flying.” As a result, effective next month, USPA is officially out of the wind-tunnel business. 

Jumpers Break Head-Down Record at Skydive Chicago   (Aug 2015) Competition Records

An international team of skydivers from 23 nations built a 164-way head-down formation on Friday, July 31, at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, eclipsing the 138-Way World Record for Largest Head-Down Formation set at the same location in 2012. It took 13 attempts to build the formation, which resembled a giant flower. International formation skydiving judges Randy Connell, Marylou Laughlin and Jami Pillasch certified the performance, which will now go to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale for ratification.

The Summer 2021 USPA Board of Directors Meeting   (Sep 2021) Event News Homepage USPA
Tales from the Bonfire | My Date with Destiny   (Sep 2021) People Tales from the Bonfire
W.O.R.K. in Cincinnati—the Winter 2021 USPA Board of Directors Meeting A USPA Staff Report   (Apr 2021) Event News

The USPA Board of Directors held its fifth meeting of the 2019-2021 term in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 29-31.

Matthew Teetshorn Earns D-40000!   (Mar 2021) People
USPA Seeks New Director of Government Relations   (Feb 2021) Parachutist Homepage Government Relations
USPA Is Working for You   (Jan 2021) Homepage News Homepage USPA

The USPA Board of Directors held its fifth meeting of the 2019-2021 term in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 29-31. For the second time, the board meeting was broadcast live via Zoom Webinar for USPA members to observe and over 130 USPA members registered to attend the virtual meeting.

January 2021 Cover   (Jan 2021) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Randy Forbes | D-10858

James Davis dives toward a building formation during the Wuest Ways event at Skydive Perris in California.

A Quarter Century of Service—USPA Says Farewell to Executive Director Ed Scott By Nancy Koreen   (Dec 2020) Features

Twenty-five years is no small amount of anyone’s lifetime. A quarter of a century. Roughly one-third of the lifespan of an average American male. And the number of years Ed Scott has dedicated to the U.S. Parachute Association, the sport of skydiving and skydivers across the United States and around the world.

For Dad Photo by Randy Forbes | D-10858   (Sep 2020) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

At Skydive San Diego in Jamul, California, instructor Patrick Woodruff takes Rachelle Babler for a tandem skydive to release the ashes of her father, 28-year Navy veteran Stanley Ljosdal. Ljosdal never got to make a jump, and Babler said, “That’s why I had to do it for him.”

Looking Forward to the Past A Parachutist Pictorial   (Jun 2020) Parachutist Features

We asked 16 camera flyers—those who have consistently contributed dazzling images to this magazine over the years—to send us one photo that speaks to what skydiving means to them and that would inspire our readers upon their return to the sport they love.

Former Regional Director Randy Schroeder Dies   (Apr 2020) Homepage Industry News
Striving for Zero—The 2019 Fatality Summary By Jim Crouch   (Apr 2020) Features

This annual summary looks at each 2019 fatality and places it in an appropriate category.

Skydiving-Related Aircraft Accidents By USPA Director of Government Relations Randy Ottinger   (Apr 2020) Features

Piloting a jump plane is among the most demanding of flying jobs, with multiple takeoffs and landings in a variety of conditions and with a variety of loads, as well as the need to refuel often throughout a day.

Rating Corner | Safety Day Activities for Jump Pilots By Randy Ottinger   (Mar 2020) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

Safety Day presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relationship between jump pilots and skydivers.

High Honor Photo by Randy Forbes | D-10858   (Feb 2020) Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

At Skydive Perris in California, John Miller releases the ashes of his newly discovered half-brother, Randy, whom he met through DNA tracing for the first time last year and who died of natural causes before being able to make a skydive with his sibling.

Pink Skies, Pink Ribbons By Gulcin Gilbert   (Jan 2020) Features

Around the world, October is the month dedicated to breast-cancer awareness. For many years, the skydiving community marked this month with Jump for the Cause, an event that brought women together to raise money for breast cancer research and set women’s world record formation skydives.