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Mentor Extraordinaire: USPA Awards Thomas Jenkins, D-7707, the Gold Medal for Meritorious Service By Christy West and Scott Latinis   (Jan 2020) Features

Tom Jenkins always saw the value of structured competition and record performances in driving skydivers to become more skilled while also having fun.

Newest Spaceland DZ Hosts Bush Tribute Jump By Sam King   (Feb 2019) People Five Minute Call

December 8 dawned chilly and gray at Skydive Spaceland–San Marcos in Fentress, Texas, the newest location in the Spaceland family of drop zones. Twenty-two jumpers gathered for a weekend of fun and challenging formation skydives deep in the heart of Texas. (Yes, where the stars at night are big and bright.) Led by caffeine-fueled organizers Scott Latinis and Mark Pharr, the participants were ready for some awesome skydives! DZ Manager Thomas Hughes gave a speech welcoming everyone to Spaceland San Marcos, and the jumpers excitedly prepared for the first jump.

Results of 2022-2024 Board Elections Are In   (Nov 2021) Event News Homepage USPA
Follow the USPA Nationals October 15-31!   (Nov 2021) Competition Homepage USPA
How Skydiving Changed My Life   (Nov 2021) People How Skydiving Changed My Life
The Summer 2021 USPA Board of Directors Meeting   (Sep 2021) Event News Homepage USPA
Tales from the Bonfire | My Date with Destiny   (Sep 2021) People Tales from the Bonfire
Larger Than Life—The 2021 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Inductees By Doug Garr   (Aug 2021) People

Each year the International Skydiving Museum inducts a select few men and women who have “defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels” into its Hall of Fame.

A Short Look at a Long History—The USPA National Championships A USPA Staff Report   (Jul 2021) Competition

In the beginning, there was accuracy or, as it was called at the time, “spot jumping.”

Breaking Barriers—A Look at Women in the Sport on the 10th Anniversary of SIS By Director of Sport Promotion Shanon Searls   (Jun 2021) People Features

In 2021, the USPA Sisters in Skydiving program celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Centerspread   (Jun 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread
Former USPA Executive Director Laura MacKenzie, D-2121, Passes Away   (May 2021) People News Homepage USPA

The first and only female executive director for USPA, Laura MacKenzie passed away after a long illness on Saturday, May 22.

Return to the Center of the World—The 2021 Pioneers of Sport Parachuting Reunion   (May 2021) People

During the weekend of March 4-7, many of the earliest pioneers of sport parachuting converged in Felicity, California, for yet another grand reunion.

Back-Tracking A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Mar 2021) Features
Saving Dillingham By Communications Associate Luke Jones | Photos by Lindsay Wheeler   (Feb 2021) Homepage Features

Each year, roughly 55,000 Oahu locals and tourists visit Dillingham Airfield to skydive, glide and fly.

Meet the Executive Director—Albert Berchtold | D-27832 A USPA Staff Report   (Jan 2021) Homepage Features
A Quarter Century of Service—USPA Says Farewell to Executive Director Ed Scott By Nancy Koreen   (Dec 2020) Features

Twenty-five years is no small amount of anyone’s lifetime. A quarter of a century. Roughly one-third of the lifespan of an average American male. And the number of years Ed Scott has dedicated to the U.S. Parachute Association, the sport of skydiving and skydivers across the United States and around the world.

Ascension—Magician David Blaine Inspires with Dreamlike Skydiving Stunt By Communications Associate Luke Jones   (Oct 2020) Features

On the morning of September 2, 9-year-old Dessa Blaine looked up above the small town of Page, Arizona, and saw her father, David, become a tiny dot in the sky.

Should a Name Change be Considered? By Ed Scott   (Oct 2020) Homepage Gearing Up

Parachutes are beginning to disappear … or, more accurately, the word “parachute” is beginning to fade from use to describe our sport, replaced by the word “skydiving”.