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Closing In Photo by Vince Callender I D-19514   (Jun 2020) Featured Photos Closing In

At Dallas Tandem Skydiving in Ennis, Texas, Tandem Instructor Rudy Reyes uses his downtime to play with an old C-9 canopy.

Tales from the Bonfire | Jumping Antarctica—A Bipolar Story By Bill Booth   (Oct 2020) People Tales from the Bonfire

After my fourth jump at the North Pole in 1997 (I made six in all), I decided I really needed to collect the complete set and make a jump at the South Pole.

Will Kitto | D-33634 By Brian Giboney   (Oct 2020) People Profiles

Will Kitto, D-33634, is a highly accomplished skydiver in two diverse disciplines: canopy formation (aka canopy relative work or CRW) and wingsuit flying.

Seidel Named USPA Director of Membership Services   (May 2018) Homepage Five Minute Call

USPA recently promoted Stephanie Seidel to become director of its Membership Services department, the department of five that has the most interaction with USPA members.

The End of an Era Photo by Randy Ottinger   (Mar 2018) Homepage Five Minute Call

Executive Director Ed Scott presents former Director of Membership Services Clint Vincent, who served as USPA staff member in various positions for more than 20 total years, with a retirement plaque from all current USPA employees at his retirement party at USPA Headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Brandon Kendrick | A-77981 | Boca Raton, Florida How Skydiving Changed My Life   (Jul 2017) How Skydiving Changed My Life

Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt of flying. I would have dreams that were so vivid that I could feel the zero-G sensation as I flew in my sleep. As a boy, I would climb onto the roof of my house and jump off with a towel stuffed in the back of my shirt, yelling, “Superrrrrmaaaannnnn!” Thankfully, I never broke any bones, because the secret would have been out, and my parents would have killed me once they learned of my dangerous hobby! No matter how much I tried to hide it, though, all the early warning signs were there that I was an aviation addict.

March 1995 Cover   (Mar 1995) Featured Photos Covers

Gone but not forgotten...this month's cover photo features the work of the late Mike Allen, D-10180.  His excellent photography lives on in this shot of Vince Caschetta, D-12762, in the skies over Clewiston, Florida.

October 1982 Cover   (Oct 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Steven G. Fisher, C-9705, caught this shot of the Jumpstreet CRW team members Vince Bizzarro, Terry O'Malley, Tom Morris and Bill Kowalski in front of the Ben Franklin Bridge which spans the Delaware River to link Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The jump was a benefit for handicapped children.