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Centerspread Painting by Yvette Walter  I D-32690   (Jun 2020) Featured Photos Centerspread

Painting by Yvette Walter  I D-32690

“Fun with Friends”
Acrylic on canvas

Tampa, Florida

June 2004 Cover   (Jun 2004) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Dean O'Flaherty took this shot of April Ballard (left) and Shanda Sheppard making their first helicopter jumps during the Leap into Leap Year Boogie at Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Florida.  Mark Ciccotto hangs from the skid.

May 2004 Cover   (May 2004) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Michael McGowan took this shot of Keith and Yvette Walter, Tom Wood, Katie Sell, Chuck Blue and Jen McGowan flying a 6-way zipper over Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

A Short Look at a Long History—The USPA National Championships A USPA Staff Report   (Jul 2021) Competition

In the beginning, there was accuracy or, as it was called at the time, “spot jumping.”

Saluting the Heroes of D-Day A USPA Staff Report with David Accetta, Art Shaffer and Keith Walter   (Aug 2019) Features

The French government arranged a series of tributes to the heroes of Normandy that attracted more than one million people from across the globe for ceremonies, speeches and commemorative airborne operations.

Memoirs and Documentary Address D.B. Cooper Case   (Feb 2019) People Five Minute Call Gear & Industry Spotlight

Two memoirs—“D.B. Cooper & Me: A Criminal, A Spy, My Best Friend” by Carl Laurin and “Getting the Truth: I Am D.B. Cooper” by Joe Koenig—and the documentary film “D.B. Cooper: The Real Story” assert that military parachutist and convicted criminal Walter Reca, who died in 2014, was the 1971 hijacker known as D.B. Cooper.

B.J. Worth | D-3805 By Brian Giboney   (Oct 2018) People Profiles

B.J. (Bruce Jeffery) Worth, D-3805, is an epic figure in skydiving. He helped develop competitive formation skydiving and went on to become a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Champion; performed parachuting stunts in blockbuster movies (including playing James Bond from 1979-1997); organized the famous Olympic rings skydive in Seoul in 1988; and led World Team, which set multiple FAI World Records (including the standing 400-way record for largest formation). Worth also served as president of the USPA Board and president of the International Parachuting Commission and earned the USPA Lifetime Achievement Award and the FAI Gold Medal for Parachuting, Bronze Medal and Air Sports Centenary Award.

One More Jumper: The SoS World Record Week by Carol Jones and Doug Garr   (Jul 2018) Features

The record series kicked off on April 20. First up was the three-day JOS world record event. Thirty-two skydivers in their 70s from Canada, Germany, Sweden and the U.S. participated.

Safety Day Goes Global a Parachutist Special Section   (May 2018) Features

On March 10, skydivers across the U.S. and around the world made their way to one of the hundreds of drop zones that hosted a Safety Day event. Now in its 22nd year, Safety Day continues to be a favorite event that draws jumpers both new and old to the drop zone for a day geared toward making everyone smarter and safer. Whether attendees listened to presentations about managing canopy traffic and avoiding collisions, practiced emergency procedures (in a hanging harness using traditional methods or the virtual reality videos newly available on USPA’s website) or learned how a main-assisted-reserve- deployment (MARD) device works to extract a reserve, those who attended Safety Day thoroughly enjoyed it.

More Than the Sum of Its Jumps By Annette O’Neil   (May 2018) Homepage Features

Operation Enduring Warrior Helps Combat-Wounded Veterans Take Flight

Skydiving Makes a Difference: A Parachutist series on nonprofit organizations that give back to their communities