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A Great Trip— Ray Ferrell, D-5748, Receives the 2019 USPA Lifetime Achievement Award By USPA Executive Director Ed Scott   (Jan 2020) Features

It was a delightful early November evening in DeLand, Florida, when 30 or so friends and family members gathered to honor Raymond E. Ferrell as USPA presented him with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Flying unicorns Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (Dec 2019) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

A herd of unicorns (Michelle Hart, Karla Katherine, Jeannette Copeland and Marina Prokopenko) takes to the skies at the Aeronautrixx Unicorn Boogie, a Sisters in Skydiving event at Skydive California in Tracy.

Two Times the Fun—2019 USPA National Championships By Southeast Regional Director Alixandra Hubbard   (Nov 2019) Features

The 2019 USPA Parachuting and Skydiving Nationals determined which teams and individuals will represent the U.S. in every discipline at the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Parachuting Championships Mondial (all-events competition) in Tanay, Siberia, in 2020.

Featured Training Photo Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (Sep 2019) Featured Photos Safety & Training Featured Photo

Fashion model Gracen Taylor-Marie Kerr makes her first skydive with instructor David Fulk at CarolinaFest at Skydive Carolina in South Carolina. (Weird coincidence alert: The instructor, student and photographer on this jump all share the same birthday—December 11.)

Out for a Spin Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (Aug 2019) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Ryan Bolohan carves it up at Skydive Georgia in Cedartown.

Featured Event Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (Jun 2019) Featured Photos Featured Event

Travis Mickle swoops the pond on his way to taking the overall bronze medal at Florida Canopy Piloting Association Meet 2 at Skydive City Zephyrhills in Florida.

Prison Break Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (May 2019) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Actor Wade Williams, best known for his role as prison guard Brad Bellick on the TV series “Prison Break,” makes a tandem skydive with instructor Ryan Clough and jumpers Ryan Mari and Eric Salas at the Fitz Boogie in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

2019 Nationals to Include Canopy Piloting Freestyle Test Event!   (Apr 2019) Homepage Competition Industry News Competition News

The 2019 USPA National Canopy Piloting Championships at Skydive Paraclete XP in Raeford, North Carolina, this September will now include a freestyle test event. The three-jump event is scheduled for September 10, with official registration on September 9.

Best Friends Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (Mar 2019) People Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Gian Franco Malinconi Reyes kneels down to greet his loyal companion, Frankie, in the landing area after a jump.

New Faces, Fresh Ideas—The 2019 Winter USPA Board of Directors Meeting A USPA Staff Report   (Mar 2019) Features

Following USPA elections last fall, the USPA Board of Directors gathered for the first meeting of its three-year term February 1-3 in Dallas, Texas. The new board welcomed six new members, two of whom had previously been on the board and returned after a hiatus.

Energy and Excitement—The 2018 USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships By USPA Director of Competition Steve Hubbard   (Mar 2019) Features

USPA held its 2018 National Collegiate Parachuting Championships at an unusually frigid Skydive Arizona in Eloy December 28-January 2. Skydive Arizona has hosted numerous Collegiates over the event’s 61-year history, and as usual, owners Larry and Lil Hill, Safety and Training Advisor Bryan Burke and the rest of the staff held a fantastic and successful competition despite the surprisingly chilly temperatures.

Pillar of Sportsmanship Greg Windmiller Receives the USPA Gold Medal for Meritorious Service   (Dec 2018) Homepage Features

On September 27, USPA Director of Competition Steve Hubbard called Greg Windmiller, D-20004, to the podium during the awards ceremony at the USPA National Championships of Canopy Piloting to receive a gold medal. It was not Windmiller’s first gold. In fact, it wasn’t even his first gold that day, as he had just won the canopy piloting speed event with a perfect-300 score.

The 2018 USPA National Skydiving Championships By Steve Hubbard   (Nov 2018) Homepage Features

Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, Illinois, hosted the 2018 USPA National Skydiving Championships September 4-18. This was the first time the mid-sized Midwestern drop zone hosted a national championships and despite a few unexpected challenges, DZO Doug Smith, Director of Marketing Becky Johns and the rest of the CSC staff rose to the occasion to ensure a successful event.

Centerspread Photo by Raymond Adams   (Oct 2018) Featured Photos Centerspread

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158

Mariana Franceschetto shoots Greg Crozier as he swoops in from the last jump of the head-down world record attempts at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.

The Age of Authority A Parachutist Pictorial | Photos By Norman Kent   (Oct 2018) Homepage Features

The 75-Way Skydivers Over Sixty World Record for Largest Formation Skydive

Organizers: T.J. Hine, Roger Ponce de Leon, Rick Poplinger

Record Holders:

Andy Anderson, Michael Anderson, Pat Arthur, Art Barchie, David Benjamin, Betty Bennett, John Benoit, Stewart Brookes, Scott Buethe, Monique Careau, George Conwill, James Crandall, Carl Daugherty, Carlo De Martino, Kim Dobson, Jim Doyle, Valerie Estabrook, Chuck Finley, Nels Forsman, Bill Fridberg, Glenn Giamatti, Gary Greer, William Grimm, Tiiu Haamer, John Hardy, Michael Hare, Dee Hawley, Michael Hawley, Tom Hayes, T.J. Hine, Robert Johns, Ronald Johnson, John Kallend, Peter Kazmierczak, Kevin Keenan, Peter Kramer, James Krogh, Francois Leblanc, Jerry Lehnherr, Richard Luczak, Marshall Madden, William McMurry, Jeff McVey, Raymond Medley, John Mignanelli, Douglas Mullinax, George Nisson, Darrell Ogi, Richard Parrish, Dan Pillasch, Roger Ponce de Leon, Rick Poplinger, Cynthia Raible, Mike Raible, David Robinson, Mike Robinson, Dan Rosenthal, Jeff Saxton, Hank Schraeder, Craig Seasly, Jonathan Smith, Hank Stapel, Larry Stein, Larry Thomas, Mark Thompson, Steve Van Buren, Butch Van Lewis, Kevin Vetter, Ron Wands, Tracy Warrington, Harold White, Casey Wiggins, Paul Wold, Josh Wolfe, Peter Zimmerli

Camera Flyers: Brian Festi and Norman Kent

39 Members to Run for USPA Board   (Aug 2018) Homepage Industry News

As of August 2, 2018, 39 members will appear on the ballot in the upcoming election for USPA’s Board of Directors. All 22 seats on the board are up for grabs, with 18 members vying for the eight National Director slots and 21 members running as Regional Director candidates.

NAA Selects Skydiving World Record as “Most Memorable”   (Jul 2018) Parachutist Competition Records Industry News Competition News

Each year, the National Aeronautic Association selects what it considers aviation's most memorable records from the previous year and honors those records at an event near Washington, D.C. 

Hubbard Named Director Of Competition And Records By USPA Staff   (Jun 2018) Homepage Five Minute Call

In May, USPA promoted Steve Hubbard to director of the competition and records department, which is responsible for the USPA National Championships, the U.S. Parachute Team, competitive events and skydiving records.

Fly By Night Photo By Raymond Adams | D-30158   (Jun 2018) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158

Kyle Stubbs swoops in for landing during the Fitz Boogie, an annual St. Patrick’s Day event in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

May 2018 Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158   (May 2018) Featured Photos Closing In

Photo by Raymond Adams  |  D-30158

Devin LaMon and Ashley Maurice enjoy a freefly jump during the Pepe's Island Boogie in Panama.