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Dusty Hanks | D-18969 by Brian Giboney   (Feb 2018) Homepage Profiles

Dusty Hanks is a family man, four-time USPA Nationals gold medalist, world champion, world record holder and all-around good guy. Like Jason Russell and Jake Jensen, two of his teammates on 4-way vertical formation skydiving team SDC Core, he is a former motocross racer turned professional skydiver. SDC Core successfully defended its 4-way VFS national championship at the 2017 USPA Nationals and will represent the U.S. at the world championships in 2018.

June 2017 Cover   (Jun 2017) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Dan Dupuis | D-33713

From top, Andy Farrington, Nic Sacco, Mike Steen, Will Kitto and Matt Gerdes take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other during a Squirrel wingsuits meet-up event at Skydive Moab in Utah.

John Bull | D-6450 by Brian Giboney   (Jun 2017) Parachutist Profiles

John Bull’s love for the sport and the community is contagious. Bull made his first jump in 1978, and in 1981 he became a member of the Air Trash brotherhood of skydivers, to which he still belongs. Bull simply loves formation skydiving and is happy to jump with anyone on the DZ, from a newly A-licensed jumper to the most experienced of load organizers. He is an ambassador for the sport and the kind of guy you can’t help but love.

15 Minutes of Fame   (May 2017) People Tales from the Bonfire

Fifteen minutes of fame. Everybody will have it once. I had mine in 1987 because I saved a life while skydiving.

Jessie Farrington | D-6853 by Brian Giboney   (Jan 2017) Parachutist Profiles

Jessie Farrington, D-6853, served on the USPA Board as a regional director for many years and has a long history in the sport. She is part of a large family of skydivers. Her father, Lenny Aikins, got her started in 1964. She has owned Kapowsin Air Sports in Shelton, Washington, with her husband, Geoff, for decades. Her children, Andy Farrington and Keri Bell, are extremely talented skydivers who made many jumps while still in the womb. And her brother, nieces and nephews are all skydivers, and a fourth generation is on the way.

October 2016 Cover   (Oct 2016) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Mike Carpenter | D-34137

Some of the best freeflyers in the U.S., Mike Bohn and Leland Procell of Team FLO, Chad Ross and Damian Germano of Zulu Foxtrot, Brent Witt and John Starkey of Atlas Freefly, Andy Malchiodi of SoCal Converge and Keith Creedy join together to build a hybrid formation at GoJump Oceanside in California.

April 2016 Cover   (Apr 2016) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Tom Sanders | D-6503

During the Party on the Playa II boogie in Tambor, Costa Rica, (clockwise from bottom left) Andy Harris, Mike Bess, Larenda Graham and Mark Schrag fly a 4-way over the Gulf of Nicoya.

March 2005 Cover   (Mar 2005) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Michael McGowan took this shot of British 4-way team Spank, with Nick Lupton, Ian Matthews, Andy Pook and Kevin Sargent, exiting the Skyvan for a training jump over Perris Valley Skydiving in California.

May 1997 Cover   (May 1997) Featured Photos Covers

Freefall photographer Joe Jennings, D-13033, gets this once-in-a-lifetime shot of AFF student George Bush checking his altitude over Yuma, Arizona.  Reserve-side jumpmaster Andy Serrano keeps a close watch.  A full report begins on page 20.

December 1981 Cover   (Dec 1981) Featured Photos Covers

U.S. Parachute Team photographer Jim Baker caught this shot of Glenn Bangs, Mark Gabriel and Bob Finn of the U.S. 4-way Team lined up on 40-Tango for a practice exit shortly before their gold medal finish in the World Parachuting Championships.  Not pictured is the fourth member of the team, Andy Gerber (who is inside the aircraft).  This month's story on the World Meet, and the U.S. Team's gold sweep, begins on page 15.

March 1979 Cover   (Mar 1979) Featured Photos Covers

A six plane canopy formation cruises through northern California skies above Lake Berryessa.  From top to bottom are Bob Bonitz, Dan O'Brien, Richard KJar, Tim Davies, Bill Dause and Norton Thomas.  Shortly after Andy Keech took this photo, Bungee Walrus and Ray Ferrell entered, making it the largest plane formation ever constructed.  Cindy Frueh's article on canopy relative work begins on page 25.