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Let's All Leap for Lupus by Annette O'Neil   (Jul 2018) Features

Valinda Mitchell and her husband, John, are vacationing in France. These lovebirds travel a lot … a month in Ireland here, a long stint jetting around Australia there. When your childhood sweetheart and the mother of your four children says her final goodbyes to the family from a hospital bed and manages to claw her way back, such forays are understandable and maybe even necessary. Wandering hand in hand around Paris is the only way to respond, n’est-ce pas?

No Companion Left Behind By Annette O'Neil   (Jun 2018) Homepage Features

Nick Barson doesn’t just say he loves animals. He proves it. In fact, more than 700 animals owe their lives to Barson and his nonprofit rescue operation charmingly named “Paws Landing.” Barson’s plan is to keep that number growing.

More Than the Sum of Its Jumps By Annette O’Neil   (May 2018) Homepage Features

Operation Enduring Warrior Helps Combat-Wounded Veterans Take Flight

Skydiving Makes a Difference: A Parachutist series on nonprofit organizations that give back to their communities

How to Fight Your Demons—An Elite Skydiver Gets Real About Self-Doubt by Annette O’Neil   (Apr 2018) Features

When I talked to Ari Perelman at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, he was having the first weather-hold day of his Arizona Airspeed career—which was, on that date, just about a year old. That’s Arizona for you.

Why Marian Sparks Jumps for the Rose (And Why You Should Too, No Matter Where You Call Home) By Annette O’Neil   (Apr 2018) Homepage Features

Skydiving Makes a Difference—A Parachutist series on nonprofit organizations that give back to their communities.

Dream Realization 101 - Jump 4 Joy Gives Kids Tools to Be Their Most Authentic Selves—and You Can Help by Annette O'Neil   (Mar 2018) Homepage Features

Jump 4 Joy’s program is called “Dream, Plan, Do.” The foundational idea behind Jump 4 Joy is that kids are really easy to inspire. They’re inspired by athletes, celebrities, actors and movies, but since they don’t necessarily know what to do with that information, it’s very quickly lost. Amonson built his program to help give them the tools to keep it going.

Winter Is Coming   (Nov 2017) Features

Winter comes for all of us, whether you’re of the Great House of Chicagoland or the Great House of Perris. While the season’s arrival clearly hits the Lords of the North hardest, every skydiver in the 50 Kingdoms needs to maintain at least some awareness of cold-season strategy.

The Brave New World of Parachute R&D How Computer-Aided Design Drives Innovation   (Oct 2017) Features

Have you ever thought about how parachute designers take an interesting idea and turn it into a real-live piece of nylon? As you might imagine, the story of a canopy is never as simple as scratching down some math and heading over to a cutting table. Since the first parachute designer put his idea to paper, the process has been as much about the people manning the pencils as it has been about the parachute that’s born of the process. And in the last scant handful of years, the story has taken on another plotline entirely.