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Featured Training Photo Photo by Jeff Agard   (May 2018) Featured Photos Safety & Training Featured Photo

During an AFF Instructor Rating Course at Skydive Phoenix in Maricopa, Arizona, candidate Jason Allison (top) exits with AFF Instructor Examiner Dave Lepka for an evaluation jump. 

Photo by Jeff Agard  |  D-16906

Raymond Adams | D-30158 by Brian Giboney   (Apr 2018) Homepage Profiles

Raymond Adams, D-30158, is a talented vertical formation skydiver and camera flyer who started jumping in 1993. Adams can often be found at boogies and record events, participating both as an inside flyer and outside cameraman. His photos have graced numerous Parachutist covers and centerfolds. Despite his accomplishments, his friends describe him as “humble,” as well as “someone you can count on” and “an asset to skydiving.”  

Perris Organizes a Great Holiday Boogie by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld   (Mar 2018) Homepage Five Minute Call

What makes a great holiday boogie? Blue skies and perfect temperatures? A line up of all the Skyvans and Twin Otters you can use? Top-notch facilities and awesome parties? How about hundreds of skydivers from around the world and fantastic organizers of nearly every discipline, all sharing the skies, keeping it safe and having the holiday of their lives? The Party in Perridise Holiday Boogie at Skydive Perris in California had all that and much more. 

Craig O’Brien | D-19294 by Brian Giboney   (Jan 2018) Homepage Profiles

Craig O’Brien, D-19294, is a world champion skydiver, world-class freefall photographer and Hollywood stuntman and camera flyer. In the late 1990s, O’Brien and his then-soon-to-be wife, Tanya, formed the skysurfing team Firestarter. With Tanya on the skyboard and Craig flying camera, they were virtually unbeatable in national and world competitions. Later, O’Brien began working in Hollywood. His credits include filming and doing stunt work on “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” “Iron Man 3,” “Godzilla,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Bucket List” and many other movies, as well as commercials, documentaries and other productions.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Movie Called “The Gypsy Moths”   (Aug 2017) People Tales from the Bonfire

In 1964, I launched my magazine, DZ-USA, to promote the sport and contribute something other than doomsday predictions at a time when the man on the street viewed a parachutist as a daredevil looking for a place to die. In that same year, I was invited to appear on “The Joey Bishop Show” in Hollywood to represent the sport. There, I met John Frankenheimer, who was promoting his movie “Grand Prix,” and Lyle Cameron, who produced Skydiver magazine. John was very interested in what Lyle and I had to say about the sport. He stated that he’d always wanted to make a movie about it and would contact us if a future project came up.

January 2015 Cover   (Jan 2015) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Dave Jourdan

During one of the test jumps for his successful high-altitude world record attempt, Alan Eustace waves to the StratEx ground crew as a balloon lifts him to the stratosphere.

November 2006 Cover   (Nov 2006) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Raymond Adams took this shot of Team Mandrin training over Skydive the Farm in Rockmart, Georgia, for the upcoming U.S. nationals vertical formation skydiving demonstration event.  The team includes (left to right) camera flyer Brian Buckland, Kyle Starck, Dave Brown, Jon Pinyon and Eric Deren.

October 2004 Cover   (Oct 2004) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Joel Kiesel took this shot of 4-way team Elsinore Vengeance, with Dave Correia, Debbi Correia, Alan Keyser and Jeff Smith, launching out of the Super Otter over Skydive Elsinore in California.

August 2004 Cover   (Aug 2004) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Sergeant Dave Wherley took this shot of former President Bush reaching to release the drogue as tandem instructor Staff Sergeant Bryan Schnell salutes over College Station, Texas, as part of the 41@80 celebration.

March 2003 Cover   (Mar 2003) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Dave Brown took this shot of national champion freefly team Alchemy, with (left to right) Mike Swanson, Rook Nelson and Jon DeVore, during the team's first training camp of the new season at Skydive Sebastian in Florida.

February 2001 Cover   (Feb 2001) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Steve Utter took this shot of freeflyers building a three-dimensional formation during the recent Space Games at Skydive America Palm Beach in Pahokee, Florida.  The jumpers are (left to right) Dave Brown and Rook Nelson head down, Tom Balzer and Alejandro Ramos on their bellies and (top to bottom) Chris Fiala and Max Cohn on their feet.

August 1997 Cover   (Aug 1997) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Major of Aerial Focus took this shot of tandem instructor Jim Wallace and student Paige MacDonald over Skydive Elsinore in Southern California.  Wallace is one of America's most experienced skydiving instructors.

April 1993 Cover   (Apr 1993) Featured Photos Covers

Tom McCollough exits, Wes Keeley lands, and Dave Kaiser races down the hill at the Paraski Nationals at Snowbird, Utah.  See Jerry Rouillard's story and more of Keith Stewart's photos of the meet on page 28.

April 1992 Cover   (Apr 1992) Featured Photos Covers

Randy Thurston, D-10000, captured this shot of Dave Scott, D-12799, over Skydive Carolina! while filming a commercial for a new brand of strapless sandals, which are stuck to Scott's feet with a special adhesive that makes them reuseable.

September 1991 Cover   (Sep 1991) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Keith, D-5441, led the FX-10 10-way team during a practice jump over Perris, CA.  The team capatained by Bob Butt and including Scott Flanahghan, Bob Smith, Bob McCord, Jeff Rodenbech, Richard Eacobacci, Mike Swan, Jim Kelly, Ken Masters and Dan Pillasch, plans to enter the 10-way speed star competition at next month's U.S. National Skydiving Championships at Skydive Arizona.

April 1990 Cover   (Apr 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Keith, D-5441, provided this shot of Cathy Conklin and James Hulse going floater for a load out of DC-3 "Our Douglas" over Hulse's house in Santa Maria, CA.  Eleven jumpers built a round for the back-yard demo.

July 1987 Cover   (Jul 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Flanagan got this shot of a 20-way sequential dive during the Memorial Day boogie at the Spaceland drop zone near Houston, TX.  Flanagan, 34, is relatively new to the freefall photography game; he's got just over 400 jumps, 150 of which have been with a camera.  He also takes stills and movies underwater.  Monday through Friday he's a research scientist at the Johnson Space Center where he's working on the space station project.

November 1986 Cover   (Nov 1986) Featured Photos Covers

This month's cover was shot by Dave "Bluebaker" Hancock, 32, a five-year member of the Australian 8-way team with more than 3,500 jumps.  It shows the American CRW sequential team practicing over the lighthouse at Byron Bay, which, as the most easterly point in Australia, is roughly equivalent to America's Cape Hatteras.  A complete report on the World CRW Championships in Australia begins on page 16.

August 1984 Cover   (Aug 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Jerry Goodsell, D-7631, used the dramatic scenery outside of Logan, UT, for a backdrop for this month's cover.  Goodsell's brother Lynn, Dave Rigby and Kelly Campbell are the happy models.  "We don't have a lot of big planes around here so they're not million-mans or anything but we do have some good scenery," says Goodsell, who started jumping when he was 16.

February 1984 Cover   (Feb 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Craig Fronk got the top cover picture of teammates Kent Lane, Dave Wilds, Irv Callahan and Mike Sheerin.  The fivesome, with only a few practice dives together, nonetheless managed to bring home a silver medal in the 4-way event at the World Championships of Relative Work in South Africa, Dec. 9-19.

Team Leader Dona Reilly took the picture of the U.S. 8-way Team that took home not only the gold medal, but a world record as well.  Standing left to right are Mike Sheerin, Dave Wilds, Kent Lane, Scott Meek and Irv Callahan; kneeling are Danny Peters, Mike Parnell and Craig Fronk.  Not pictured are team members Ken Crabtree and Mike Gennis.