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April 2021 Cover   (Apr 2021) Featured Photos Covers
Centerspread   (Apr 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread
Anemometer By Albert Berchtold   (Apr 2021) Anemometer

It’s bittersweet—almost painful—to suggest that it was a good thing that only 11 fatalities occurred in the U.S. in 2020. Although it’s the lowest total since record keeping began, each one of those lost is a tragedy.

How Skydiving Changed My Life By Jack Flack   (Apr 2021) People How Skydiving Changed My Life

November 2, 1968, was a beautiful clear Saturday. I had just turned 19 and was a 145-pound freshman at the University of Houston when I went to the Galveston Skydivers in Dickinson, 30 miles away.

Tales from the Bonfire By Ro Asgari   (Apr 2021) Tales from the Bonfire

This was going to be my first time out of a CASA, and I got to sit right by the tailgate, which was extra exciting for me.

Jessica Brownlow | D-30516 By Brian Giboney   (Apr 2021) People Profiles

“World-record momma” Jessica Brownlow, D-30516, balances family life with skydiving at the highest levels.

Safety Check—SIM Section 6-12—Movement Jumps   (Apr 2021) Safety & Training Safety Check

In the days of belly-mounted reserves, baggy mustard-colored jumpsuits and scuffed white plastic helmets, jumpers dreamed only of flying relative to one another.

Ask A Rigger | Help Your Rigger Help You By Ron Bell   (Apr 2021) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger
Rating Corner—FAA Medical Certificates By Ron Bell   (Apr 2021) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

For tandem instructors, a periodic visit to their aviation medical examiners (AMEs) to renew their Federal Aviation Administration Third-Class Medical Certificates is a ritual that goes hand and hand with the privilege of taking tandem students on skydives.

W.O.R.K. in Cincinnati—the Winter 2021 USPA Board of Directors Meeting A USPA Staff Report   (Apr 2021) Event News

The USPA Board of Directors held its fifth meeting of the 2019-2021 term in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 29-31.

Epic Journey 2—Jumping for Fentanyl Awareness By Communications Associate Luke Jones   (Apr 2021) People Features

Epic Journey, the California-based life-coaching company, took to the skies above Lake Elsinore on February 13 for its fifth skydiving event since launching in August 2020.

ISC Hopeful Russia Will Host Mondial in August   (Mar 2021) Competition News Homepage USPA
Matthew Teetshorn Earns D-40000!   (Mar 2021) People
Safety Day is coming up!   (Mar 2021) Safety & Training
March 2021 Cover   (Mar 2021) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Alex Swindle | D-31305

Wingsuit skydiver Karlee King back-flies over Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

Centerspread   (Mar 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread


During the New Year’s Beach Boogie hosted by Skydive Cuautla in Mexico, Caroline Layne (left) and Amanda Hart sit-fly over Puerto Escondido and have so much fun that they laugh out loud.

Closing In Photo by Gen Montreuil I D-31992   (Mar 2021) Featured Photos Closing In

Photo by Gen Montreuil I D-31992

(From front) Wendi Corbin, Ashley Jordon, Hailee Tashnick and Rob Johnson execute a train exit during Sisters in Skydiving’s Golden Girls Boogie at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.