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April 2018 by Raymond Adams   (Apr 2018) Homepage Featured Photos Featured Event

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158

Jumpers exit during the Sebastian Vertical Elite Camp at Skydive Sebastian in Florida.

Raymond Adams | D-30158 by Brian Giboney   (Apr 2018) Homepage Profiles

Raymond Adams, D-30158, is a talented vertical formation skydiver and camera flyer who started jumping in 1993. Adams can often be found at boogies and record events, participating both as an inside flyer and outside cameraman. His photos have graced numerous Parachutist covers and centerfolds. Despite his accomplishments, his friends describe him as “humble,” as well as “someone you can count on” and “an asset to skydiving.”  

Diamond Anniversary: The 60th Annual USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships by Alix Raymond Hubbard   (Mar 2018) Homepage Features

For many college students, the winter holiday break was a time to spend with family and to eat, drink and be merry, but for 82 competitors from 11 colleges, it was also a time to compete. Whether the students had 25 jumps or were seasoned competitors, there was a place for them at this event.

March 2017 Cover   (Mar 2017) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158

During a jump at Lake Beresford near Skydive DeLand in Florida, Beau Riebe realizes that there’s no chance he’s landing in the boat that Luis Prinetto is driving while Claudio Cagnasso (who earlier also missed the boat) watches from a passenger seat

November 2015 Cover   (Nov 2015) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158

Jeff Kauffman (top) and David Hanley of team Skyscrapers take a stand above Skydive Dallas. 

September 2013 Cover   (Sep 2013) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158
Jarod Orrell carves head down during the Wetter Hotter Americanner Summer Boogie at Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston, Georgia.

The Secrets of D.B. Cooper, Part Three - Criminal Profile by Musika Farnsworth   (Jul 2010) Homepage Features

For whatever reason, hundreds of people are convinced they know who D.B. Cooper was—or themselves admitted to being the most recognized hijacker in the world. Maybe it’s the extraordinary circumstantial evidence. Maybe it’s the desperate need for an answer. Maybe it’s a secret wish to make a difference in the world. But sometimes, no matter how hard we wish, no matter how hard we believe, we just can’t make something true. Today, the FBI has DNA from Cooper’s J.C. Penney clip-on tie that he left on the jet and partial fingerprints from the cocktail glasses he drank from while in flight. They can now quickly confirm or eliminate suspects.

November 2006 Cover   (Nov 2006) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Raymond Adams took this shot of Team Mandrin training over Skydive the Farm in Rockmart, Georgia, for the upcoming U.S. nationals vertical formation skydiving demonstration event.  The team includes (left to right) camera flyer Brian Buckland, Kyle Starck, Dave Brown, Jon Pinyon and Eric Deren.

June 2001 Cover   (Jun 2001) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Bobby Page took this shot of a 9-way head-down jump during the Freefly Shindig at Skydive DeLand in Florida in April.  Chris Fiala holds the center, as (clockwise from top center) Raymond Adams, Janine Hill, John Shoffner, Stan Gray, Thomas Hughes, Kyle Starch, Trey Holladay and Eric Deren surround him.

October 1998 Cover   (Oct 1998) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Brian Erler catches this shot as skysurfer Eric Fradet and camera flyer Peter Raymond exit the Cessna Caravan over Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Florida.