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August 1983 Cover   (Aug 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders rigged up a camera on a boom to get this shot of him and Mike Quinn leaving a hot-air balloon piloted by Dave Dickson over Southern California.  Sanders was gathering video footage for a JVC film on video use in air sports.

December 1982 Cover   (Dec 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Waterman of the British Parachute Association captured Geoff Sanders and Rob Colpus in a stack over the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz.  The jumps were part of a television production for Milk Tray chocolates.

January 1980 Cover   (Jan 1980) Featured Photos Covers

Braving a sub-zero wind-chill factor, Eastern Conference Director Dave Waight gets his "knees in the breeze"  over Maytown, PA.

July 1969 Cover   (Jul 1969) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Price receives his USPA Gold Wings from Al Longenberger in a cold December sky over Pennsylvania in this photo by Don Kellner.