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Inspiring Current and Future Skydivers The 2017 Skydiving Hall of Fame   (Jul 2017) Features

The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame will hold its 2017 Celebration Event at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, Illinois, the weekend of September 21-23. Now in its eighth year, the Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those who “through leadership, innovation and/or outstanding achievement have defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels.” The hall and museum strive to preserve the sport’s rich history, as well as inspire current and future skydivers to document their aerial achievements. 

August 2016 Cover   (Aug 2016) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Paul-Henry de Baère | D-30471

Omar Alhegelan takes freeflying to the Himalayas during the May 2016 Skydive Everest expedition in Nepal.

Paul "Pop" Poppenhager | D-47 By Brian Giboney   (Jun 2016) Homepage People Profiles Industry News

Longtime Florida drop zone owner and instructor Paul “Pop” Poppenhager, D-47, was born in June 1934 and became interested in skydiving at a young age while watching his father jump at airshows.

May 2016 Cover   (May 2016) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Javier Ortiz | D-28774

Olga Naumova (center) celebrates her birthday with Jakud Sklenka (left) and Joao Paulo by making a balloon jump at the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus in the United Arab Emirates.

How Skydiving Changed My Life By Paulo Marinho Gesta de Melo   (Dec 2015) People How Skydiving Changed My Life

I was born with a heart condition. I've always known that I would have to get surgery to replace a heart valve, but the prognosis was that this would not be necessary until I was around 60 years old.

April 2015 Cover   (Apr 2015) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Craig O'Brien | D-19294

Jumpers at Skydive Perris in California build a "human planet" formation, bringing to life Paul Bond's painting that appeared on the February 1980 cover of Parachutist portraying a then-imaginary 3-D skydive. 

August 2014 Cover   (Aug 2014) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Luciano Bacque | USPA #140185
Paulo Pires (center) and (from left) Luis Prinetto, Nicolas Lesser, Gabriel Martin and Juan Manuel Garcia Coni angle fly during the Elite Latin Skydivers event at Skydive Perris in California.

How Skydiving Changed My Life by Gary Holden   (Apr 2013) Homepage How Skydiving Changed My Life

This adventure all started around my 60th birthday, in March 2009, while talking with my co-worker, Abby, who has the same birthday as I do (though I’m 30 years older). We were trying to come up with something special to do. I mentioned that I would like to jump out of an airplane before I got too old to do it. Abby said that she had always wanted to do it, too, and we made a pact: I would do it if she would.

January 2007 Cover   (Jan 2007) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Scotty Burns took this shot of Art Shaffer flying over Marathon Key in Florida during the Keys Boogie as (left to right) Jeff Nebelkopf, Mike Swearingen and Paul Mazzillo fly in the distance.

May 1999 Cover   (May 1999) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Tony Hathaway took this shot of Paul Fairbanks, Jason Hyder and their AFF level 1 student, Corwyn Cortez, over Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida.

September 1998 Cover   (Sep 1998) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Jamie Paul snapped this shot of jumpers swarming toward the base during one of the world record attempts at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.

May 1995 Cover   (May 1995) Featured Photos Covers

Freefall photographer Jamie Paul, D-12641, captures Scott Smith and Patrick de Gayardon dueling it up on their boards at last year's world skysurfing championships in Eloy, Arizona.  Smith's hidden chest and leg straps give him the streamline yet functional look!

February 1995 Cover   (Feb 1995) Featured Photos Covers

Freefall cameraman Jamie Paul, D-12641, took this 8-way shot over the Missouri River Valley Skydivers in Lexington, Missouri.  Paul, a professional studio photographer by trade, has placed in the top three videographer slots in world freestyle competition for the past four years.

July 1994 Cover   (Jul 1994) Featured Photos Covers

Kevin Butler, a member of the Greater Kansas City Skydivers, trails the American flag into the opening ceremonies of the air race show while cameraman Jamie Paul, D-12641, follows him down.  The three-day event drew more than 100,000 people to the airfield.

May 1994 Cover   (May 1994) Featured Photos Covers

Professional photographer Jamie Paul, D-12641, swoops after Chuck Karcher over the Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island last January.  The skydive was part of a week-long boogie hosted by Bahamas Freefall Adventure which attracted 65 jumpers to the tropical resort.  Due to a few rainouts this year, the Bahamas boogie will be held during the month of April in 1995.

November 1993 Cover   (Nov 1993) Featured Photos Covers

Jamie Paul caught this shot of teammate Tamara Koyn during the 1993 Skyblazin' World Championships in Empuriabrava, Spain last month.  The pair took a silver medal in the women's freestyle division at the competition.

March 1993 Cover   (Mar 1993) Featured Photos Covers

Kicking off PARACHUTIST's new cover design are two freefall photographers, Jamie Paul (in the photo) and Tony Loper (behind the camera).  Paul is currently men's freestyle co-champion videographer.

March 1992 Cover   (Mar 1992) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, gets his second cover in 1992 (see feature on page 25).  This time, he captures Team Pursuit practicing over Skydive Arizona.  Members include (top) Kevin Vetter, (right wing) Chris Knight, (left wing) captain Joe Lambright, and (bottom) newest member Paul Joseph.  McGowan flew into the top of the formation, flipped upside down in his risers and released to position himself for this shot.

February 1990 Cover   (Feb 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Jamie Paul provided this winterscape featuring the new kids on the CRW block, Quantum Leap, practicing over the Archway Parachute Center in Sparta, IL.  The team clobbered some of the perennial winners to place second during U.S. Team tryouts at Clewiston, FL over the Christmas and New Year's holiday.

August 1988 Cover   (Aug 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Paul Landry, D-5684, supplied us with this shot of Gus Evans, D-6065, (white canopy, bottom of the top triplane) celebrating his 2000th jump with a triplane diamond over Lodi, CA.  Each triplane is piloted by a member of 1987's CRW champion 4-way sequential team, Slam Factor.