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November 2003 Cover   (Nov 2003) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Jason Peters took this shot of Missy Nelson (top) and Amy Chmelecki of the Suger Gliderz freefly team practicing their moves over Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.

April 2003 Cover   (Apr 2003) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Jason Peters took this shot of the 24-way over Skydive Sebastian in Florida that has been submitted to the FAI as the official head-down world record.

February 2003 Cover   (Feb 2003) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Jason Peters took this shot of the completed 300-way that set a new world record for largest freefall formation December 12, 2002, over Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

October 1998 Cover   (Oct 1998) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Brian Erler catches this shot as skysurfer Eric Fradet and camera flyer Peter Raymond exit the Cessna Caravan over Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Florida.

August 1993 Cover   (Aug 1993) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Pine Pienaar, D-13240, took this shot of tandem instructor Jim Wallace, his passenger Peter Gallagher and Gail Sims as the trio exited over the California countryside between the Perris Valley and Bear Creek airports.   Gallagher, who normally pilots the balloon, said after his first jump, "Now I know why you guys love jumping out of my balloon so much."

February 1988 Cover   (Feb 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Peter Degerfeldt of Sweden, featured in last month's issue of PARACHUTIST for his descent by parachute from Mt. Everest, is also the winner of the 1987 Parashootist Photo Contest in the air-to-air category.  Degerfeldt wins a complete new skydiving system for this shot of himself exiting a Pitts Special biplane piloted by Orvar Bergvall.  More contest winners are featured in this issue, beginning on page 16.

June 1987 Cover   (Jun 1987) Featured Photos Covers

The classic student-in-tow nightmare was recreated for the cameras of Leo Dickinson, co-conspirator with Pete Reynolds on the continuing Wally Gubbins project. (See story, this issue.)  Dickinson, a native of England, has made 54 television documentaries since his first one in 1970.  The inset photo is of Gregory Robertson, who saved an unconscious fellow jumper by pulling her reserve ripcord.  (See related story.)

February 1984 Cover   (Feb 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Craig Fronk got the top cover picture of teammates Kent Lane, Dave Wilds, Irv Callahan and Mike Sheerin.  The fivesome, with only a few practice dives together, nonetheless managed to bring home a silver medal in the 4-way event at the World Championships of Relative Work in South Africa, Dec. 9-19.

Team Leader Dona Reilly took the picture of the U.S. 8-way Team that took home not only the gold medal, but a world record as well.  Standing left to right are Mike Sheerin, Dave Wilds, Kent Lane, Scott Meek and Irv Callahan; kneeling are Danny Peters, Mike Parnell and Craig Fronk.  Not pictured are team members Ken Crabtree and Mike Gennis.