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November 1995 Cover   (Nov 1995) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer David Keith, D-5441, took this shot of fellow videoman Martin Evans, tandem instructor Mike Ince and his passenger over SkyDance SkyDiving in Davis, California.  Keith's inverted flying style provided the unique angle on the formation.

July 1985 Cover   (Jul 1995) Featured Photos Covers

Bill Davis got this shot of brother Bob landing at the annual Virginia City (NV) Camel Race.  "The event draws in excess of 20,000 people to the small mountain town between Reno and Carson City," says Bob.  "Camel jockeys come from around the world to race their dromedaries down C Street."  Bill, pictured here, is an emergency medical technician awaiting entrance to medical school who often works as a member of the ground crew during his brother's demonstration jumps.

November 1994 Cover   (Nov 1994) Featured Photos Covers

CRW photographer Pay Hayter, D-12821, lurked a 17-way diamond over Kapowsin Air Sports in Washington state to get this shot in 1992.  Several jumpers on the load were also part of the Diamond Quest '94 group who just built a new world record over Davis, California, on October 12.  Check "Paragrams" on page 13 for more details.

February 1993 Cover   (Feb 1993) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Tom Sanders, D-6503, captured this shot of Jan Davis over Monument Valley, Utah while filming a television commercial for a German razor blade manufacturer.

October 1992 Cover   (Oct 1992) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders, D-6503, gets a shot of his favorite subject, Jan Davis, over Palau in Micronesia (see related story on page 41).  The project is part of Sanders' upcoming adventure sports movie,  "Over the Edge," planned for release early next year.  The film will include breathtaking footage of hang gliding, fixed object jumping, scuba diving, bungee jumping and skydiving.

February 1991 Cover   (Feb 1991) Featured Photos Covers

Mike Ince, D-7424, sneaks up behind Sherry Herssig over SkyDance Skydiving in Davis, CA, nestled in the wine country northeast of San Francisco.

December 1990 Cover   (Dec 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders, D-6503, gets back-to-back covers (see last month) with another breathtaking photograph.  This time, it's his favorite subject, Jan Davis, under canopy over Mt. Edgemont in New Zealand.

April 1990 Cover   (Apr 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Keith, D-5441, provided this shot of Cathy Conklin and James Hulse going floater for a load out of DC-3 "Our Douglas" over Hulse's house in Santa Maria, CA.  Eleven jumpers built a round for the back-yard demo.

November 1989 Cover   (Nov 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, was over the SkyDance DZ in Davis, CA to film this "room dive" organized by Bungee Wallace during the Wilbury Invitational held there on August 18-20.

June 1988 Cover   (Jun 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Jan Davis, D-11120, Cathy Conklin, D-9073, and Gary Wirth, D-8986, frolic in an azure Illinois sky before the camera of frequent cover contributor Tom Sanders, D-6503.

August 1987 Cover   (Aug 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders grabs the action on film as B.J. Worth doubles for James Bond and Jake Lombard (with knife) plays the part of the evil Necros in the upcoming 007 film "The Living Daylights."  Worth's story on how the complex stunts required by the script were filmed begins on page 18.

June 1985 Cover   (Jun 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Who's that guy under a square canopy flying around the Eiffel Tower?  Why's that helicopter hovering so close?  And what's that boat with the balloons doing in the Seine River?  It's all in the name of Hollywood and the greater glory of James Bond movies and you can find out all about it by reading B.J. Worth's story on page 27.  Cover photo by Don Caltvedt.

July 1983 Cover   (Jul 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Don Caltvedt got this shot of James Bond (Jake Lombard, doubling for actor Roger Moore) and the evil Gobinda (B.J. Worth) battling it out atop a Beechcraft as a Helio-Porter chase plane films for the movie "Octopussy."  For more on how Worth, Lombard and others put the sequence together, see this month's story on page 19.

Development of the Rogallo Flexible Wing By CPT James E Garvey, U.S. Army   (Dec 1968) Features

Francis Rogallo, who had the original idea of using the “ wing” as a device to not only lower an object safely to earth but to allow man the ability to “ fly” longer between deployment and ground impact, has been working with this pro­ject since 1945.