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February 1980 Cover   (Feb 1980) Featured Photos Covers

Artist Paul Bond is a skydiver and commercial artist in Des Plaines, IL.  He first envisioned this 12-way "planet" after seeing films on TV of the first 50-way at Elsinore, CA.  Bond has spent much free time since then drafting, sketching and painting this artwork, an appropriate symbol of skydiving in the decade to come.  He feels this dive "is the next logical step in freefall formations," and adds "I hope people have fun trying to figure out how to do this one in freefall."  For related story see page 19.

December 1979 Cover   (Dec 1979) Featured Photos Covers

Vic Logan in a head-down dive over Elsinore, CA.  Photo by Paul Grimshaw of Santa Barbara, CA.

September 1969 Cover   (Sep 1969) Featured Photos Covers

'69 Nationals Official Photographer, Chip Maury, catches this unusual silhouette of Paul Henley at sunrise.