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Jennifer Davidson | D-30287 by Brian Giboney   (Aug 2017) Homepage Profiles

Jennifer Davidson, D-30287, is a member of the U.S. Army Golden Knights 8-Way Formation Skydiving Team. Until recently, she was a member of GKF4, which in 2012 was the first all-female team to medal in open FS at a USPA Nationals and in 2016 took gold in women’s 4-way FS at the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Championships. A versatile jumper, Davidson was also on the 2010 FAI Women’s World Record for Largest Head-Down Formation Skydive. The Army recently promoted her to master sergeant.

Head-Down Fall-Rate Changes in the Shelf Position   (Jul 2017) Safety & Training Foundations of Flight
Axis Flight School Skydive Arizona

Brought to you by Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson of AXIS Flight School at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photo by David Cherry. Information about AXIS' coaching and instructional services is available at

November 2015 Cover   (Nov 2015) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Raymond Adams | D-30158

Jeff Kauffman (top) and David Hanley of team Skyscrapers take a stand above Skydive Dallas. 

The Secrets of D.B. Cooper, Part Three - Criminal Profile by Musika Farnsworth   (Jul 2010) Homepage Features

For whatever reason, hundreds of people are convinced they know who D.B. Cooper was—or themselves admitted to being the most recognized hijacker in the world. Maybe it’s the extraordinary circumstantial evidence. Maybe it’s the desperate need for an answer. Maybe it’s a secret wish to make a difference in the world. But sometimes, no matter how hard we wish, no matter how hard we believe, we just can’t make something true. Today, the FBI has DNA from Cooper’s J.C. Penney clip-on tie that he left on the jet and partial fingerprints from the cocktail glasses he drank from while in flight. They can now quickly confirm or eliminate suspects.

February 2008 Cover   (Feb 2008) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer David Major captured this shot of Mike Messick trailing a streamer under canopy above Black Rock City, Nevada, during the annual Burning Man festival.

November 1995 Cover   (Nov 1995) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer David Keith, D-5441, took this shot of fellow videoman Martin Evans, tandem instructor Mike Ince and his passenger over SkyDance SkyDiving in Davis, California.  Keith's inverted flying style provided the unique angle on the formation.

March 1984 Cover   (Mar 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Frequent PARACHUTIST contributor Tom Sanders captured this month's cover photo of David Altenberg descending through a quiet and colorful sunset at the San Diego Air Sports DZ in California.

Our Very Own Eight-Man Star By David R. Ellis   (Oct 1969) Features

Have you ever had a dream come true?  I have!  Read on and I'll tell you how we came about getting our first eight-man star.