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December 1981 Cover   (Dec 1981) Featured Photos Covers

U.S. Parachute Team photographer Jim Baker caught this shot of Glenn Bangs, Mark Gabriel and Bob Finn of the U.S. 4-way Team lined up on 40-Tango for a practice exit shortly before their gold medal finish in the World Parachuting Championships.  Not pictured is the fourth member of the team, Andy Gerber (who is inside the aircraft).  This month's story on the World Meet, and the U.S. Team's gold sweep, begins on page 15.

October 1981 Cover   (Oct 1981) Featured Photos Covers

Bob "Feisty" Feisthamel, Daryl S. Dassinger, Robert Suchor, Rocco Varriano and Jim Christensen build a 5-stack during the West Coast CRW Championships meet (see story, page 39).  The photo was taken by Kari Seppanen, C-8092, a Seattle-area jumper who has logged some 1800 skydives and is a USPA Instructor and master rigger.

July 1979 Cover   (Jul 1979) Featured Photos Covers

Jim Lucas of Williamsport, MD flies some unusual Canopy RW at the Southern Cross drop zone in Downsville, MD.  Jim's "extra" canopy belongs to Jose Rodriguez of Crofton, MD  who intetionally cutaway after forming a biplane canopy hookup with Jim.  Playing it smart and safe, Jose wore an extra reserve for this jump.

P.S. That's Russian for "Sport Parachuting."  The full report begins on page 27.

May 1979 Cover   (May 1979) Featured Photos Covers

Carl Boenish shot this cut-away main over Elsinore, CA.  The jumper under reserve is Jim Handbury.

August 1969 Cover   (Aug 1969) Featured Photos Covers

Jay Emery, D-203, is credited with this colorful shot of his own PC and Jim Eisenmenger's checkered PC out of Dallas, Texas.