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May 2012 Cover   (May 2012) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Harry Parker | D-15425
After waiting all day for the winds to die down, Matthew Spicer concentrates on his exit during a student currency jump over Skydive Sebastian in Florida.

The Secrets of D.B. Cooper, Part Three - Criminal Profile by Musika Farnsworth   (Jul 2010) Homepage Features

For whatever reason, hundreds of people are convinced they know who D.B. Cooper was—or themselves admitted to being the most recognized hijacker in the world. Maybe it’s the extraordinary circumstantial evidence. Maybe it’s the desperate need for an answer. Maybe it’s a secret wish to make a difference in the world. But sometimes, no matter how hard we wish, no matter how hard we believe, we just can’t make something true. Today, the FBI has DNA from Cooper’s J.C. Penney clip-on tie that he left on the jet and partial fingerprints from the cocktail glasses he drank from while in flight. They can now quickly confirm or eliminate suspects.

The Secrets of D.B. Cooper, Part Two - Evidence of Absence by Musika Farnsworth   (Jun 2010) Homepage Features

A single man, an immense amount of cash, four parachutes and a jump from an airliner. Where does the largest manhunt in the United States lead when authorities don’t have a clue as to who the suspect might be?

June 2009 Cover   (Jun 2009) Featured Photos Covers

photo by Jason Peters | D-23332

Matt Hill exits a balloon during an advertising photo shoot over Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

June 2006 Cover   (Jun 2006) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Matt Hoover took this shot of a big-way wingsuit flock during the Z-Flock and Dock at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, in April.

April 2005 Cover   (Apr 2005) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Eric Shaden took this shot while freeflying with Matt Stewart during the Ixtapa Boogie in Mexico in February.

March 2005 Cover   (Mar 2005) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Michael McGowan took this shot of British 4-way team Spank, with Nick Lupton, Ian Matthews, Andy Pook and Kevin Sargent, exiting the Skyvan for a training jump over Perris Valley Skydiving in California.

May 1984 Cover   (May 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, was one of four jumpers to make a demo into Virginia Polytechnical Institute in Blacksburg, VA as part of a pre-game show for the football game against Virginia Military Institute.  Pictured are Phil Matthews, Buzz Connor and Tinker Hillman over VPI's Lane Stadium.

June 1982 Cover   (Jun 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Mattia caught this shot of George and Harriet McCulloch, one of the most unique teams in skydiving today.  Mattia's story about the McCullochs appears on page 17 of this issue.

August 1980 Cover   (Aug 1980) Featured Photos Covers

Official National Championships photographer Haney Martin caught 1980's new Individual Champions Matt O'Gwynn and Cheryl Stearns as each was presented with medals and trophies:  Matt holds the "Big Shot Glass", emblem of men's supremacy and Cheryl the sterling silver-and-crystal women's championship award.  The presentations were made at the individual awards banquet in Richmond, IN, on June 30th.  Both O'Gwynn and Stearns are now training with the 1980 U.S. Team, preparing for the World Championships in Bulgaria later this month.