Wednesday, April 25, 2018



Ed Scott

Executive Director
USPA Member #45563, D-13532
Extension: 325

Jim Crouch

Director of Safety & Training
USPA Member #93630, D-16979
Extension: 314

Randy Ottinger

Director of Government Relations
USPA Member #8628, D-6041
Extension: 330

Stephanie Whittaker

Director of Accounting & Human Resources
Extension: 317

Nancy Koreen

Director of Sport Promotion
USPA Member #105916, D-18240
Extension: 318

Elijah Florio

Director of Communications
USPA Member #208940, D-29742
Extension: 303

Randy Connell

Director of Competition & Records
USPA Member #111204, D-19133
Extension: 332

Jen Sharp

Director of Information Technology
USPA Member #95031, D-17516
Extension: 312

Stephanie Seidel

Director of Membership Services
Extension: 326

Support Staff

Laura Sharp

Managing Editor
USPA Member #131713, D-23561
Extension: 305

Deborah Groce

Group Membership Coordinator
Extension: 311

Susan Sullivan-Slater

License & Ratings Coordinator
USPA Member #218728
Extension: 328

Kathy Neubauer

Membership Services Coordinator
Extension: 331

Fabiana Ojeda

Graphic Designer
Extension: 307

Noah Swift

Office Clerk
Extension: 319

Adam Fischer

Office Manager
Extension: 308

USPA Headquarters

5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
(540) 604-9740 (p) | (540) 604-9741 (f)


Membership - 

  • Awards
  • Change of address (including Parachutist)
  • Demo insurance | Call (866) 585-4590
  • Individual membership
  • Lost and damaged magazine
  • Mailing lists
  • Membership insurance
  • Temporary membership

The USPA Store -

Competition -

  • Judging
  • Nationals
  • Records
  • U.S. Teams

Safety and Training -

  • Instructional course
  • Licenses and ratings

Group Membership -

  • DZ listings online and in magazine
  • Group membership application and renewal

Government Relations -

  • Aircraft, airport access
  • FAA, legislative issues
  • TSA, security issues

Communications -

  • Parachutist advertising
  • Parachutist submissions
  • USPA website

Sport Promotion -

  • Media inquiries
  • Skydiving in the news

If you are not sure whom to contact, email


Tired of dreaming about skydiving while on the job? Make skydiving part of your job!

While actually making jumps is not part of anyone’s job description at USPA Headquarters, taking care of skydivers and promoting the sport are. Even if there isn’t a vacancy in your field of interest, why not drop HQ a resume and a note on what sort of position would interest you?