Friday, September 30, 2022

ATC Notification and Authorization

Air Traffic Control Notification Or Authorization

Federal Aviation Regulation Part 105.25 requires that ATC be notified no earlier than 24 hours before or no later than one hour before the parachute operation begins in Class E and G airspace. Jumps in Class A, B, C and D airspace require an authorization from ATC.

Part 105.25(c) states that ATC may accept written notification for 12 calendar months, precluding the need for daily notification. Part 105.15 stipulates the eight items that must be provided in an ATC notification or authorization. Included here are model letters that can be customized to provide your ATC facility with that written notification of your use of Class E and G airspace, or request ATC authorization to use Class A, B, C or D airspace. ATC notification or request for ATC authorization does not result in the publishing of a NOTAM. You should still file a daily NOTAM with Flight Service if your DZ is not published in the Airport/Facility Directory and charted with a parachute symbol.

Download model letter for ATC Notification.
Download model letter for ATC Authorization.