Friday, October 7, 2022

Options for Credentials

You have three options for sharing your USPA Credentials. You can take advantage of one or all of these. Here's how:

You can view your primary USPA membership card by logging into your profile at or from any page by clicking on your name in the top bar after you login. The direct link is or you can find it by clicking:

Then scroll down to the membership card icon and click on the card or the button link.

In addition, in your browser you can save as pdf and print. (For non-mobile devices type Control-P for the print dialog.)

Watch a How-To Video!

In 2016, USPA began a trial affiliation with Merit (formerly Sigma) to provide digital credentials to members. After a year of successful service, the USPA Board of Directors voted to enter into a permanent agreement with them to continue supplying this benefit at no cost to members or the organization. 

Members may choose to participate by selecting the Share option in their Privacy settings. If you have selected to Share but have not received an email invite from Merit, and wish to take advantage of this benefit, please email with your name and membership number to request your account setup.

After accepting a merit by email, or by clicking on "Claim My Profile" on, create your profile. To find your membership card, click on your Member Merit:

Then click on Individual Attachments:

You will see a thumbnail of your card. Click on it to open and share.

You can also download it.

mailed card

Yes, you are still able to get a plastic membership card mailed to you in the traditional way.  You can control your mailing preference for this option when you join or renew, or at anytime by clicking on your name in the top bar and editing your profile.