Thursday, October 6, 2022

Individual Membership

Membership in USPA provides education that enhances safetybenefits that keep you secure, and services to keep you skydiving.

An Annual Individual Membership is a 12-month membership that includes:

  • USPA Membership Card
  • online digital membership credentials via Merit
  • receiving USPA’s publication – Parachutist
    • members residing in the US and Canada will receive hard copies
    • all others will receive an electronic version
  • receiving the monthly USPA Update – an e-newsletter covering the latest news
  • eligibility to earn licenses, ratings and awards offered by USPA
  • participate in our triennial elections
  • coverage through our 3rd party liability insurance

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A Lifetime Membership is valid for life. Benefits include:

  • All the benefits of an annual membership
  • online digital membership credentials via Merit
  • Special recognition in Parachutist (name and picture of new lifetime members published – if provided)
  • A special engraved lifetime membership card
  • No additional fees to maintain your membership; however, other fees may apply such as fees for additional ratings and rating renewals.

USPA also offers Temporary Membership. Temporary membership includes:

  • Coverage for 3 months through our 3rd party liability insurance
  • online digital membership credentials via Merit
  • Purchases can only be made online
  • Temporary members are not eligible to
    • purchase or renewal of ratings
    • participate in any elections
    • receive Parachutist magazine

If you are joining USPA for the first time, create a new online account, then apply for membership.

Membership Dues

New Annual Membership $78
Renewing Annual Membership $66
Lifetime Membership $2,500
Foreign Lifetime Membership $4,000
Temporary 3 month Introductory Membership
(Can only be purchased online.)
Optional Fees
Upgraded Magazine Delivery (1st Class-US/Canada Only) $45
Foreign Magazine Annual Subscription (*annual membership required) $35