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Jacques-André Istel | D-2 By Brian Giboney   (Jul 2021) People Profiles

Without Jacques-André Istel, the sport of parachuting would not be what it is today.

Executive Director Update June 2021   (Jun 2021) Event News Homepage USPA

Executive Director Albert Berchtold updates USPA members on matters of the organization. Learn more at OR

Riding Across Virginia for the U.S. Parachute Team By USPA Executive Director Albert Berchtold   (Jun 2021) People

I was about to ride 533 miles across Virginia—west along the Potomac River, then through the mountains to the famous red caboose in Damascus in the southwest corner of the state. It would be a multi-day ride with 33,000 feet of climbing. My stomach had butterflies.

Breaking Barriers—A Look at Women in the Sport on the 10th Anniversary of SIS By Director of Sport Promotion Shanon Searls   (Jun 2021) People Features

In 2021, the USPA Sisters in Skydiving program celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Tim Mattson | D-15587 By Brian Giboney   (Jun 2021) People Profiles

Tim Mattson started skydiving in 1991 and soon got involved in freefly, which was just emerging as a discipline. By 1997 he was traveling the globe on the SSI Pro Tour with team MadStyle.

Safety Check | Simple Rules By Ron Bell   (May 2021) Safety & Training Safety Check

It is natural to think that accidents will happen only to other skydivers, those who court disaster by idiotically violating every rule in the book. And although it is true that they will take most of the heat, even the most experienced and responsible skydivers are not immune to a bad roll of the dice. That’s why it’s important to master the few basic skills you learned during training so you can stay calm under pressure.

Tales from the Bonfire By Luke Daly   (May 2021) People
Centerspread   (May 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread
Epic Journey 2—Jumping for Fentanyl Awareness By Communications Associate Luke Jones   (Apr 2021) People Features

Epic Journey, the California-based life-coaching company, took to the skies above Lake Elsinore on February 13 for its fifth skydiving event since launching in August 2020.

Matthew Teetshorn Earns D-40000!   (Mar 2021) People
When, Not If—Practicing for Low-Altitude Emergencies By USPA Director of Safety and Training Ron Bell   (Mar 2021) Safety & Training

Low-altitude emergencies—emergencies that occur under canopy below 1,000 feet—continue to plague our community.

USPA Seeks New Director of Government Relations   (Feb 2021) Parachutist Homepage Government Relations
Keep an Eye Out—Brake-Line Knots   (Feb 2021) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out

From time to time, knots like the ones shown in this photo can magically appear in brake lines.

Centerspread Photo by Norman Kent | D-8369   (Jan 2021) Featured Photos Centerspread Records

Camera flyer Matt Biggs shoots a formation building during the North Carolina State Record Attempts at Skydive Paraclete XP in Raeford.

Safety Check | Ron Bell’s Letter to Santa By Ron Bell   (Dec 2020) Safety & Training Safety Check

This year, my wish list is all about the basics that make skydiving safer.

Rating Corner | The Thin Gray Line—Did you Cross it? By Ray Lallo   (Dec 2020) Safety & Training The Rating Corner

There can never be a blanket definition of where that thin gray line is, since we all have different ideas of what is and is not offensive.

A Quarter Century of Service—USPA Says Farewell to Executive Director Ed Scott By Nancy Koreen   (Dec 2020) Features

Twenty-five years is no small amount of anyone’s lifetime. A quarter of a century. Roughly one-third of the lifespan of an average American male. And the number of years Ed Scott has dedicated to the U.S. Parachute Association, the sport of skydiving and skydivers across the United States and around the world.

Nancy Koreen | D-18240 By Brian Giboney   (Dec 2020) People Profiles

Nancy Koreen, D-18240, is a world-record-setting skydiver and freefly load organizer with more than 9,800 jumps to her credit. She has also worked behind the scenes to promote skydiving in myriad ways, rarely taking any credit.