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Skydiving Suffers Devastating Loss in Hawaii A USPA Staff Report   (Aug 2019) Features

Near sunset on June 21, a Beechcraft King Air crashed shortly after takeoff from Dillingham Airfield near Waialua, Hawaii, killing all 11 aboard, including pilot Jerome Renck.

Letters A Better Way   (Jul 2019) People Letters

I don’t understand why you’re reversing the standard aviation placement of numerator and denominator, and I would urge you to adopt that standard.

Letters The Importance of DZ Briefings   (Jul 2019) People Letters

I have always made a point to get a DZ safety briefing about local hazards like power lines, highways, water hazards and irritable farmers whenever going to a new place

Featured Training Photo Photo by Elliot Byrd | D-32251   (Jul 2019) Featured Photos Safety & Training Featured Photo

Paul Wyckoff (right) gets freefly coaching from P.J. Jackson at Skydive Paraclete XP in Raeford, North Carolina.

Skydiving Then and Now—50 Years of Change By Paul Sitter   (Jul 2019) Features

When Leslie Irvin made the first freefall jump using gear designed for that purpose more than 100 years ago, no one really foresaw parachuting becoming a sport.

The Earth is My Drop Zone—Handling Off-Landings Safely By Paul Sitter   (May 2019) Features

We live in the age of GPS spots, turbine aircraft and high-performance ram-air main and reserve parachutes that have lots of forward speed. So, we’re finished landing off the drop zone, right? Unfortunately, not! Murphy’s law—the foundational rule of skydiving—says, “If it can go wrong, it will.”

Maybe you are on a big-way dive or in a tracking contest or really finding out what your wingsuit can do. Maybe the weather is tricky or your exit delayed. No matter the situation, when you open your canopy and find the drop zone is w-a-a-a-y farther away than you wanted, your plan went wrong. So, how can you avoid this situation? And what can you do when it inevitably does come up?

Safety is No Accident A Parachutist Special Report   (May 2019) Features

To open Safety Day 2019 at Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, New Jersey, DZO and pilot Pico Mazure remarked, “Safety is no accident. Safety is an attitude and a core value of our community. We are happy to see not only students but also highly experienced jumpers attend Safety Day and help us instill that value in all generations of jumpers.”To open Safety Day 2019 at Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, New Jersey, DZO and pilot Pico Mazure remarked, “Safety is no accident. Safety is an attitude and a core value of our community. We are happy to see not only students but also highly experienced jumpers attend Safety Day and help us instill that value in all generations of jumpers.”

New Faces, Fresh Ideas—The 2019 Winter USPA Board of Directors Meeting A USPA Staff Report   (Mar 2019) Features

Following USPA elections last fall, the USPA Board of Directors gathered for the first meeting of its three-year term February 1-3 in Dallas, Texas. The new board welcomed six new members, two of whom had previously been on the board and returned after a hiatus.

The 2018 National Parachuting Championships Photos by David Wybenga   (Dec 2018) Features

USPA held its 2018 National Parachuting Championships at sunny Skydive Sebastian in Florida September 19-28. This was the first USPA Nationals for DZO Amanda Smalley and staff, and they did a spectacular job handling all of the expected (and unexpected) issues that arose.

November 2018 Cover   (Nov 2018) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by David Cherry | D-33500

Mixed formation skydiving team Fallhalla (Chris Gunter, Paul Harris and Emily Royal) turns points on its way to taking fourth in the advanced class at the USPA National Skydiving Championships at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, Illinois.

The Age of Authority A Parachutist Pictorial | Photos By Norman Kent   (Oct 2018) Homepage Features

The 75-Way Skydivers Over Sixty World Record for Largest Formation Skydive

Organizers: T.J. Hine, Roger Ponce de Leon, Rick Poplinger

Record Holders:

Andy Anderson, Michael Anderson, Pat Arthur, Art Barchie, David Benjamin, Betty Bennett, John Benoit, Stewart Brookes, Scott Buethe, Monique Careau, George Conwill, James Crandall, Carl Daugherty, Carlo De Martino, Kim Dobson, Jim Doyle, Valerie Estabrook, Chuck Finley, Nels Forsman, Bill Fridberg, Glenn Giamatti, Gary Greer, William Grimm, Tiiu Haamer, John Hardy, Michael Hare, Dee Hawley, Michael Hawley, Tom Hayes, T.J. Hine, Robert Johns, Ronald Johnson, John Kallend, Peter Kazmierczak, Kevin Keenan, Peter Kramer, James Krogh, Francois Leblanc, Jerry Lehnherr, Richard Luczak, Marshall Madden, William McMurry, Jeff McVey, Raymond Medley, John Mignanelli, Douglas Mullinax, George Nisson, Darrell Ogi, Richard Parrish, Dan Pillasch, Roger Ponce de Leon, Rick Poplinger, Cynthia Raible, Mike Raible, David Robinson, Mike Robinson, Dan Rosenthal, Jeff Saxton, Hank Schraeder, Craig Seasly, Jonathan Smith, Hank Stapel, Larry Stein, Larry Thomas, Mark Thompson, Steve Van Buren, Butch Van Lewis, Kevin Vetter, Ron Wands, Tracy Warrington, Harold White, Casey Wiggins, Paul Wold, Josh Wolfe, Peter Zimmerli

Camera Flyers: Brian Festi and Norman Kent

39 Members to Run for USPA Board   (Aug 2018) Homepage Industry News

As of August 2, 2018, 39 members will appear on the ballot in the upcoming election for USPA’s Board of Directors. All 22 seats on the board are up for grabs, with 18 members vying for the eight National Director slots and 21 members running as Regional Director candidates.

An Elite 10-Way—The 2018 INTERNATIONAL Skydiving Hall Of Fame By Doug Garr   (Aug 2018) Parachutist Homepage Features

Each year, the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame inducts a select few men and women who have “defined, promoted, inspired and advanced the sport at the highest levels.” This year’s induction ceremony and gala dinner for the 10 newest members will take place during the 2018 International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame Celebration November 1-3 at Skydive City Zephyrhills in Florida.

Bill Wenger | D-3774 By Brian Giboney   (Aug 2018) People Profiles

Bill Wenger, D-3774 and a U.S. Army Golden Knight from 1974-1980, has dedicated much of his life to coaching and developing military skydivers, bringing dozens of teams to the USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships. He helped pioneer the 8-way FS discipline and earned numerous medals in FS and accuracy at national and world competitions. His peers describe him as “a great guy,” “humble,” “hard working” and “a great father” (to current Golden Knight Jason Wenger).

Nailing The Record Photo by Steve Shorten   (Jul 2018) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Photo By Steve Shorten | D-27932

Jumpers Paul Cochran, Art Cross, Tim Guy, Daryl Harmon, Mike McCormick, Jim Nelson, Dana Parker, Dick Pigg, Bob Summers, Jim Trimby and Ed Zell set the 11-way Indiana Skydivers Over Sixty Record for Largest Formation Skydive over Frankfort, Indiana.

One More Jumper: The SoS World Record Week by Carol Jones and Doug Garr   (Jul 2018) Features

The record series kicked off on April 20. First up was the three-day JOS world record event. Thirty-two skydivers in their 70s from Canada, Germany, Sweden and the U.S. participated.

Malfunction, Malfunction, Malfunction—The 2017 Fatality Summary by Paul Sitter   (Apr 2018) Homepage Features

In 2017, almost half of the 24 jumpers who died in the U.S. faced malfunctions. Unfortunately, the failure to safely land a canopy (a quarter of the mishaps) and other causes remain, but failure to handle a main-canopy malfunction was the biggest killer in 2017. Learning from the circumstances that surround the deaths that occurred in 2017 can help us all have a safer 2018.

Skydiving Luminary Larry Bagley Passes   (Mar 2018) Homepage Industry News

Larry K. Bagley, D-4522, passed away on March 27 after a brief illness. He leaves behind his wife Cindi, D-10889. "Bags," as he was known, left a legacy in skydiving that few have ever matched or ever will. Arrangements are pending.

Paul Herrick | D-6835 | Jupiter, Florida How Skydiving Changed My Life   (Nov 2017) People How Skydiving Changed My Life

In 1962, on a demo for a company picnic—a water jump in Palm Beach, Florida—I was nearly arrested by the Secret Service for "trying to assassinate President Kennedy." As an aeronautical engineer at Area 51, I volunteered to test eject from the Mach-3 SR-71 Blackbird spy plane in June of 1964. (Lockheed, the Air Force and the CIA turned down my offer.) My crop-duster tow plane caught fire and was out of control and going down in flames when I bailed out at 700 feet and landed in a tree next to the forest fire started by my crashed airplane.

The Brave New World of Parachute R&D How Computer-Aided Design Drives Innovation   (Oct 2017) Features

Have you ever thought about how parachute designers take an interesting idea and turn it into a real-live piece of nylon? As you might imagine, the story of a canopy is never as simple as scratching down some math and heading over to a cutting table. Since the first parachute designer put his idea to paper, the process has been as much about the people manning the pencils as it has been about the parachute that’s born of the process. And in the last scant handful of years, the story has taken on another plotline entirely.