Wednesday, October 23, 2019



The USPA Professional Archived Newsletters

Glance through the last several years of this email newsletter designed to provide instructional rating holders with the latest happenings in the sport.

USPA Library

Released for Safety & Training Advisors, this online repository contains multiple courses and modules for continuing education. Not all members have access to this e-learning environment, but plans to expand offerings are in the works.

Skydive School

This Online Ground School is free to use with no sign-up required! While not a full course, this training resource provides valuable information for first-time jumpers as well as students earning their A license. Even uncurrent licensed jumpers might find it useful for refresher training. Sections include equipment, exit, freefall, canopy flight, landing, and emergency procedures.

Malfunction Video Series

This series of videos depict the most commonly found malfunctions and ones covered in the ISP training. Both Standard and Virtual Reality videos are available. You can download the standard videos in .mp4 format. You can use the VR videos in a VR player, on your smartphone, or directly via the YouTube link, or download in VR format.

ISP Category Dive Flows

This video series depicts dive flows in both Freefall and Canopy for all Categories of the ISP. Coaches and Instructors can use these as accurate demonstrations in their ground preps, and students can use them to preview what's next in their progression. Download concise versions of dive flow videos in .mp4 format. Length of these are less than two minutes and include both freefall and canopy in one video. The downloadable versions are useful in locations where an internet connection is not available, or simply for ease of use.  Also available are the full-length versions in a YouTube video playlist.

ISP Category Quizzes

A great resource for students earning their A license, these online quizzes present the questions that appear in the ISP, Section 4 of the SIM, in an instantly graded format. No sign-up or login required to access.

Skydivers Information Manual

The digital version of the SIM is available as a downloadable pdf. Plans to bring back a resource similar to the app are scheduled for next season.

To Be Continued ...

In conjunction with the IT Department and highly experienced Instructor Examiners, USPA's Safety & Training Department is continuing to develop even more resources to help members learn and train more easily and with the most current body of knowledge from the industry. 

Visit again often for continually updated useful resources!